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  1. heenalu commented on Matt Davies 9 months ago

    Time for you to go back to school. The sun does change and there are records to prove it. It runs in cycles. Man’s contribution amounts to less than 1%. Good luck making your change.

  2. heenalu commented on Matt Davies 9 months ago

    If we learn to control the sun and stop having so many children, I think we can do it. (sic)

  3. heenalu commented on Matt Davies 10 months ago

    You got thaty right.

  4. heenalu commented on Sunny Street 11 months ago

    Thanks to you guys for making the joke funnier.

  5. heenalu commented on Bliss 11 months ago

    His work was genius. Loved by all us fantasy freaks.

  6. heenalu commented on Free Range almost 2 years ago

    Ahhh, the communication gap…

  7. heenalu commented on Citizen Dog about 2 years ago

    now it all makes sense, no?

  8. heenalu commented on Bo Nanas over 2 years ago

    True nuff.