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  1. jgordy24 commented on Monty 20 days ago

    “Leaves of three, let it be!” was the warning in the boy scout handbook. You know, back when it was carved in stone :)

  2. jgordy24 commented on Ink Pen about 1 month ago

    Must be common core…

  3. jgordy24 commented on Doonesbury about 1 month ago

    Women should be able to safely walk around totally naked. They should not object when men look, but no man has the right to touch without her consent.

  4. jgordy24 commented on In the Bleachers 2 months ago

    add Bob Costas and Joe Morgan to that list

  5. jgordy24 commented on Arlo and Janis 2 months ago

    I call myself an optomistic pessimist, I’m sure things are going to be FUBAR!

  6. jgordy24 commented on In the Bleachers 3 months ago

    You make a large hacking sound from the fans sitting around you!

  7. jgordy24 commented on Doonesbury 3 months ago

    Remember, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

  8. jgordy24 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 months ago

    u 2 give it a rest.

  9. jgordy24 commented on Tank McNamara 3 months ago

    That would be a fairy tale as there is no “nightlife” in Cleveland. :)

  10. jgordy24 commented on Tank McNamara 4 months ago

    An article the other day mentioned his father stating the NCAA should provide a “handler” 24/7 for this kid. I think the father should have provided some parenting for him while he was growing up instead of teaching him that as a start athelete, he is not responsible for his actions. Prison guards do a nice job of “handlers” 24/7….