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  1. squirrelchaser commented on Gil 3 days ago

    Get out the cardboard boxes and duct tape. That robot isn’t going to make itself.

  2. squirrelchaser commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    It is the duty of the FBI to present the evidence to the DOJ, who decides whether to press charges or not. Comey really took one for the team, it was purely political and partisan. Would have thought the FBI was above that.

  3. squirrelchaser commented on Chip Bok 6 days ago

    walk into a bar …

  4. squirrelchaser commented on Ben 7 days ago

    Or a tornado or hurricane or a sink-hole or a mudslide or a fire or a burglary or a terrorist attack …

  5. squirrelchaser commented on Rubes 7 days ago

    I remember when my brothers would ask me if I wanted a knuckle sandwich, and they thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

  6. squirrelchaser commented on Dilbert Classics 7 days ago

    She could be asking for a Jack & Coke …

  7. squirrelchaser commented on PreTeena 7 days ago

    A coworker who refuses to listen, is being belligerent, or doesn’t do their work will be fired. You cannot fire a child. Yes, “beating” a child is wrong, but disciplining a child is ok. In the example shown here – an open-handed slap on the face – is, in my opinion, wrong, it was done out of anger, not in an effort to discipline. Not to mention, Jeri is really too old to discipline with a swat on the bottom. Grounding or taking away privileges is probably more effective.

  8. squirrelchaser commented on Owlturd 11 days ago

    I got the ability to transfer the beer from a keg or bottle to the urinal. Not easy, but somebody’s got to do it.

  9. squirrelchaser commented on The Norm Classics 11 days ago

    Been waiting for this … hope it is really happening.

  10. squirrelchaser commented on The Duplex 11 days ago

    Finally, someone speaking to the average voter. This could only be happening in the comics …