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  1. squirrelchaser commented on Mike Lester about 2 hours ago

    I wish that were true, but if those with an ‘R’ behind their name didn’t pander, they would never get elected. But D’s have a virtual monopoly of pandering to minority groups, be it LBGTQ or Blacks or Hispanics or animal abuse or climate change, or anything else that has ‘feelings’ that make people vote one way for a single issue. Of coarse the R’s pander, but they do it for money to compete, the D’s do it for votes, and they get them pretty darn cheaply, but they also get a heck of a lot of money from big donors (much of it for single-issues). Both parties are broken, the Washington bureaucracy is broken. Good luck defending your side. As for your response to BillW101, for many of us, SS and Medicare are the only retirement we have, and we have paid into it our whole working lives, it would be solvent if it was used the way it was originally written, but politicians got involved … and you know the rest of the story.

  2. squirrelchaser commented on The Norm Classics about 7 hours ago

    All three of Reine’s suggestions would have meant Reine in a swimsuit. Norm needs to get on the ball.

  3. squirrelchaser commented on Jim Benton Cartoons about 8 hours ago

    Wrong, despite your words of rainbows and butterflies, we are all the same species, we are not all the same race. In the not-so-distant future, the races may become pretty much indistinguishable outside a laboratory, but until then race will continue to divide us.

  4. squirrelchaser commented on The Flying McCoys about 8 hours ago

    Would be curious to know how the “Right to Work” laws. If anything, unions demanding outrageous wages for unskilled workers had more to do with it than anything else. I know that unions played an important part in history, but their usefulness is limited now since governments have expanded their purview. And they absolutely have no place in the public sector: combining bureaucracy and unions leads to many of the problems we have now in education, etc. Private unions are now nothing but political mouth-pieces for the DNC.

  5. squirrelchaser commented on Big Nate: First Class about 10 hours ago

    Actually, the correct answer is insurance. A parent would not be covered, therefore not allowed. Now if it were just a bunch of kids playing outside an organized league, then sure, no problem.

  6. squirrelchaser commented on Mike Lester about 13 hours ago

    LBJ ‘pushed’ through the Civil Rights Act with Republican support. And remember what he said – in private – about that legislation. Admit it, the Democrat party panders for votes, it does not care about the people, only the vote and what it will cost to buy that vote. Oh, and their own personal power and fortune (but that it truly a bipartisan quality.)

  7. squirrelchaser commented on The Meaning of Lila 3 days ago

    What Brittany said really wasn’t that bad, disguised homophobia or not. Did Boyd really want Brittany to get fired?

  8. squirrelchaser commented on Glasbergen Cartoons 4 days ago

    It’s certainly grounds for an investigation.

  9. squirrelchaser commented on One Big Happy 4 days ago

    I know it is a knee-jerk reaction to pity James, but the boy does seem to be happy.

  10. squirrelchaser commented on Wizard of Id Classics 5 days ago

    They want peace, and they’ll kill to get it!