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  1. cuttersjock commented on Gil Thorp about 11 hours ago

    Excellent reference, to Overton, veteran actor of many movies/TV …he was Gig Young’s Father in Rod Serling’s “Walking Distance” Twilight Zone episode as well as having a recurring role on Quinn Martin’s TV Show, “Twelve O’Clock High”.The book “Fail Safe” was also a classic tome of nuclear hysteria, which unfortunately we may be revisiting shortly…sorry, broke the no politics plane…

  2. cuttersjock commented on Gil Thorp 2 days ago

    …could be a lot of WHUD being sported in the post game showers tonight if they beat Tech!

  3. cuttersjock commented on Gil Thorp 5 days ago

    I’m telling you that there is something deeply troubling about the relationship between Heather and Gil…any veteran teacher would be distancing themselves from this obvious infatuation, instead Gil gives out passes to skip class while silently Kaz pines for the old days of shower supervision with Gil ….now this icky girl has wrecked the Kaz/Gil dynamic.

    Expect Kaz to limit this relationship “situationally”, probably with a tragic event a’ la when silent John Pascoe’s parent’s mysteriously had an “accident”.

  4. cuttersjock commented on Gil Thorp 6 days ago

    …what happened to Pelwicki? R & W cast him to the side quicker than Brody Abro!

  5. cuttersjock commented on Gil Thorp 9 days ago

    P2- Name a typical Saturday night for Moon…a blitz, an incompletion and a limp-off…

    Hi yo!

  6. cuttersjock commented on Gil Thorp 10 days ago

    …been a long time since we had a gratuitous shower reference! My loofah had dried out!

    Anyone notice that Whigham has been channeling a “Dondi” side lately with the wanton, limpid eyes he does for Heather?

    P3- not to belabor it, but a classic Tudor pose…

  7. cuttersjock commented on Gil Thorp 14 days ago

    …I think we sometimes forget how utterly preposterous these story lines are….what would Dr. Pearl do if she found out that recent STATE CHAMP Gil and staff gave a student a pass to cut class to teach the STATE CHAMP football staff how to do their jobs? Where is Wildcat?

    Plus, as pointed out, Steve Boone is apparently being kept at arms length from this golden insight, that’s a slap on the wrist…singular.

    (Mop, noticed you used my pic without my express written endorsement…thanks!)

  8. cuttersjock commented on Gil Thorp 17 days ago

    …great nuanced observation, you have the Right Stuff, Ellis

  9. cuttersjock commented on Gil Thorp 18 days ago

    Sim sala bim, oh great one….

    Name three things Gil does on a victory weekend?

    Blitz, fumble and a short drive

    Hi yo!

  10. cuttersjock commented on Gil Thorp 19 days ago

    …agree, Gil is adopting the Ditka “how dare you question me” attitude of the late 1980’s.Cocky coach who has done nothing to keep the legacy gong is reduced to platitudes and faux intimidation….can only hope Gil’s heart attack is right around the corner.