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  1. specinss commented on Stone Soup about 1 month ago

    Arnold even made it! Congrats to the wedding couple! May their life be full of bliss!

  2. specinss commented on Rose is Rose 3 months ago

    Let eat now and also when the harvest arrives!

  3. specinss commented on Cathy 4 months ago

    It is your day. Go for it Cathy!

  4. specinss commented on Rose is Rose 4 months ago

    It is great to be so loved and needed. Enjoy!

  5. specinss commented on Cathy 8 months ago

    Just 1.5 GIG? Phones have more memory now! LOL

  6. specinss commented on JumpStart 9 months ago

    Let him stand on his own merits. Sink or swim, esp. at this grade. He has to want to work to get good grades.

  7. specinss commented on FoxTrot Classics 10 months ago

    @ShadowBeast, It is spelled out in the molecular form H-O-H. Jason probably nabbed some outrageous number point in the process.

  8. specinss commented on Luann 10 months ago

    Your vote does MATTER ! Especially since referendums can be made that can change your life and pocketbook.

  9. specinss commented on Rose is Rose 10 months ago

    Jimbo should have been the watering can. Rose would have been a great flower! She is always full of sunshine!

  10. specinss commented on Calvin and Hobbes 10 months ago

    Or Rosalyn could just visit a neighbor and use their phone.