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  1. john Linstrom commented on Dilbert Classics almost 4 years ago

    I can’t even walk and watch someone else chew gum…

  2. john Linstrom commented on The Other Coast almost 4 years ago

    I respect and love nature and want birds and all to survive. Funny how the clamor for “poor little birds” heated up when windpower got bigger… until then , they were just some more dead birds. Look at what else kills them!

  3. john Linstrom commented on The Boondocks about 4 years ago

    Your mama so fat, when she puts on her BVDs they spell ‘Boulevard’.

  4. john Linstrom commented on Tom the Dancing Bug almost 5 years ago

    we keep forgetting that (Seamount) – if one bizman says “it’s too restrictive, business will suffer!” we should call his bluff. Another eager one will take his place and do just fine.