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  1. wickmax commented on Glenn McCoy about 3 years ago

    lets just shoott ourselves when we turn 60. Problem solved

  2. wickmax commented on Signe Wilkinson about 3 years ago

    everyone went to school at one time. so that makes them experts on education

  3. wickmax commented on Matt Wuerker about 3 years ago

    So. Mitt appears as dog on man. Where is Santorum Man On Dog

  4. wickmax commented on Tony Auth about 3 years ago

    Thr GOP loves war. They don"t want to be taxed,and cry the blues about the USA spending so much.

  5. wickmax commented on Stuart Carlson about 3 years ago

    Bush said he didn;t care about Bin Ladin. Bush was one dumb hillbilly

  6. wickmax commented on Jeff Danziger about 3 years ago

    ..will the thumpers ever realize we have freedom from religion

  7. wickmax commented on Glenn McCoy over 3 years ago

    Thats right. Life begains when you start thinking about having having sex with someone.

  8. wickmax commented on Stuart Carlson over 3 years ago

    When did Rev. King become Dr. King. I always remembered him as a religious leader and then suddenly he became a Doctor

  9. wickmax commented on Ben Sargent over 3 years ago

    and soon unions will be a thing of the past. well on our way to 3rd world status

  10. wickmax commented on Tony Auth over 3 years ago

    If hesteps over the ledge, Mitt must follow the religious nut job snake handelers and we as a nation will be screwed.