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  1. VTX1800F commented on PreTeena about 2 hours ago

    why does a 14 year old . think she CAN replace her mother…?

  2. VTX1800F commented on Garfield 1 day ago

    I use a flip phone… period. ..
    computer stuff on a computer.
    and a full size digital camera for photos.
    the more stuff you stuff inside a box. the more likely for something to fail… one down/most down.

  3. VTX1800F commented on PreTeena 3 days ago

    Tenna, walking speed will not help.

    I have been waiting for the intergalactic bus for 50 years.
    I got off on the wrong rock

  4. VTX1800F commented on PreTeena 7 days ago

    What does Not kill you.. makes you stronger.
    I lived…

  5. VTX1800F commented on Animal Crackers 7 days ago

    Looks like Catholic school, and the scars to prove it.

  6. VTX1800F commented on PreTeena 8 days ago

    I got OFF at the Wrong Stop..

  7. VTX1800F commented on PreTeena 8 days ago

    I am still waiting for the Intergalactic Bus.

  8. VTX1800F commented on Real Life Adventures 9 days ago

    way below ZERO…. hundreds …below.

  9. VTX1800F commented on Birdbrains 10 days ago

    I think So,
    3 feet of snow finally melted.. I have over 100 dirt mounds in the yard…

  10. VTX1800F commented on The Born Loser 12 days ago

    Yes, today “Spring” and its snowing in Ohio…Common…