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  1. djc928 commented on Ziggy 2 days ago

    Just a week or so ago, there was an Amber Alert being shown, switched to commercials in mid-Alert – the Alert disappeared!

  2. djc928 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 2 days ago

    Or how about this one?


  3. djc928 commented on Ballard Street 22 days ago

    Happy Birthday, Dogsniff.

  4. djc928 commented on B.C. 26 days ago

    Paradise is in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – and Hell in its lower one.

  5. djc928 commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 month ago

    When I was growing up, the World Series was in play at the BEGINNING of October. I hated having to listen to the games – in the afternoon! – during my birthday party at school. Now it’s still going on in November.

    Christmas decorations didn’t hit the stores until the day after Thanksgiving. And NONE of them were open on Thanksgiving.

    Unfortunately, rules change. Not always for the better.

  6. djc928 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    It has eye holes, but they are located in the anatomically correct location for a Great Dane, not for the forward looking person wearing the costume.

  7. djc928 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    Have the Happiest of Birthdays, Happy, Happy, Happy.

  8. djc928 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago


    I for one, did just that. Asked GoComics to rethink their decision. People who post a picture or link to something that might be of interest are not spammers.

    That “honor” goes to those that post the same thing – usually the still-permitted text – over and over again on every comic here.

    I don’t often comment here, but I love the birthday parties and the photos. They build a sense of community in the rather impersonal cyberworld.


  9. djc928 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 months ago

    Since the branch they are sitting on has leaves, it is not dead. Calvin and Hobbes are perfectly safe there.

  10. djc928 commented on Non Sequitur 4 months ago

    Actually both sexes buzz – the noise comes from their wings flapping.

    We don’t hear males because they hang out around flowers and sip nectar. We hear females because they hone in on us to get a meal of blood. The blood is not “incubator fluid.” It is a good source of protein that the developing eggs need to grow.