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  1. svetlana17 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Sorry, but I say “my trucker” all the time. Perfectly legitimate in my freight shipping incidents. What’s wrong with that?

  2. svetlana17 commented on Jane's World 5 days ago

    I think there is some underlying substance to this dialogue, but have no idea what it might be.

  3. svetlana17 commented on Luann 6 days ago

    It looks to me like a bottle opener — beer or soda cap type — that would be on a key chain (hole in non-business end). I know that stuff in the middle is odd-looking, but it probably adjusts for different sizes/heights.

  4. svetlana17 commented on Luann Againn 10 days ago

    I missed several years of these strips so I have really been enjoying catching up.

  5. svetlana17 commented on Luann 20 days ago

    Many people seem to assume that Nancy’s computer is old, her OS is old, etc. Why? Where in the dialogue does it say that? My mother (age 84) keeps very up to date on her computer (equipment, OS and software), yet still calls me to tell her what things mean. Out of touch does not equate out of date.

  6. svetlana17 commented on Luann 24 days ago

    I have a feeling this is leading somewhere interesting. Don’t hold your breath because it’s Luann-time, but hang in there.

  7. svetlana17 commented on Luann Againn 24 days ago

    It’s Tiffany – of course it’s about the cheerleaders (or at least one of them).

  8. svetlana17 commented on Non Sequitur 24 days ago

    Thanks for the chuckle, Wiley!! Out loud, even!

  9. svetlana17 commented on Tank McNamara 26 days ago

    Or not… why ruin the week with a business-like day ?

  10. svetlana17 commented on Jane's World about 1 month ago

    Welcome to women’s world, gentlemen…