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  1. Typesbad commented on Doonesbury about 2 years ago

    Rick knows better than to say: “My wife, I think I’ll keep her”

  2. Typesbad commented on Gary Markstein about 2 years ago

    And we are still paying it six years later.

  3. Typesbad commented on Lisa Benson over 2 years ago

    Perhaps you can direct me to the military sections of Gaza. I can’t seem to find them myself.

  4. Typesbad commented on Matt Davies over 2 years ago

    Ir that were the effective tax rage than any corporation paid, then it might be a problem. But that is the tax rate before any expense and other deductions are made, the list of which is almost endless. That is why the effective corporate is considered to be about 12.6%, which is less than most of us individuals pay.

  5. Typesbad commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    I always hoped we would see Ellie and maybe even Howie later in life.

  6. Typesbad commented on Clay Bennett over 2 years ago

    Perhaps, but it is reversible, should the need arise.

  7. Typesbad commented on Gary Varvel over 2 years ago

    On the right is an individual NRA contributor, on the left is a manufacturer-serving NRA

  8. Typesbad commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    Six of us lived in a…come to think of it, a.ranch house with aluminum siding.

  9. Typesbad commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    No, that would be “Upgrade” Update is just newer, and as we all know that sometimes does not mean “better”.

  10. Typesbad commented on Chip Bok over 2 years ago

    You and Bok both don’t really get the concept of insurance, do you?