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  1. DONALD E STEVENS commented on Jim Morin over 3 years ago

    It’s not like Snowden wanted to stay in Russia, but the Obama administration exerted diplomatic and economic pressures on other countries to deny him asylum. I will repeat what I said about a similar cartoon: Does Morin think that, in Russia, Snowden will have more, or less freedom than he would here in the U.S. in a Supermax prison for the rest of his life? Bradley Manning was effectively tortured – kept naked, sleep deprivation, isolation. So Snowden should come back out of principle to face a government that seeming doesn’t have any principle anymore? Snowden is a hypocrite for staying in the one country that he can stay in, but Obama, who praised whistleblowers in campaign speeches but prosecutes them with a fury, isn’t?

  2. DONALD E STEVENS commented on Chan Lowe over 3 years ago

    For those (like the cartoonist) who think Snowden is a hypocrite, please answer: do you think that in Russia Snowden will be more, or less free than spending the rest of his life in a U.S. Supermax prison?