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  1. Apikoros commented on Unstrange Phenomena about 10 hours ago

    Science, it seems, has a decidedly liberal bias.

  2. Apikoros commented on Soup to Nutz about 10 hours ago

    Ahhh, that’s just a theory! :-p

  3. Apikoros commented on Rabbits Against Magic about 11 hours ago

    They’re too thick. There are some “major motion pictures” that could profitably be cut up into guitar picks, but CDs just don’t make it.

  4. Apikoros commented on Off the Mark about 16 hours ago

    Wanna horse around?

  5. Apikoros commented on Aunty Acid about 22 hours ago

    That’s true as far as I can tell.

  6. Apikoros commented on Edge City 1 day ago

    Um, and bars are not “smokey” these days.

  7. Apikoros commented on Bluebonnets 1 day ago

    Now, now. I’ve followed you for some little time now. I know where you’re coming from, Ed! (It’s a good place.)

  8. Apikoros commented on Bluebonnets 2 days ago

    You sly, goyishe devil, you! ;-D

  9. Apikoros commented on Bluebonnets 2 days ago

    I thought the Elders of Zion was an antisemitic deception invented in Czarist Russia to spread hatred and resentment around the world.

  10. Apikoros commented on Maria's Day 2 days ago

    It’s worked for Clark Kent all these years …