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  1. Hairhead commented on Luann 7 months ago

    @Schrodinger’s Dog – One grope-fest in four years (though a good thing) does not cancel out Luann’s accepting Nancy’s "sex-is-such-a-terrible-and-dangerous-thing-and-you-are-far-too-young rant. Remember that Luann said, “Wow, I just learned a TON in twenty seconds!” And there’s the continued squicky dancing around sex in the strip, (ie. Gunther/Tiffany/Bernice). It’s been four years for Luann and Quill; he left Australia and his family for her; and he and she are 20 years old. It’s not that they HAVE to have sex — it’s just that the question has be addressed in an age-appropriate manner. And it would be good for the strip to do so.

    Having Nancy talk to Luann as though she were fourteen isn’t appropriate and repeating arguments from the 1950’s just isn’t on. Either Luann is in Community College, or Luann is still in Grade 10.

  2. Hairhead commented on Luann 7 months ago

    Hmmp. Sorry for activating the cross-out feature.

  3. Hairhead commented on Luann 7 months ago

    @Pipe Tobacco: Thank you for your perspective. I agree about the relative amount (50-50) of active-copulators vs. feeling-their-way-in-the-sexual-minefield types - I was in University once, too. But the point I wished to make is that the Luann characters are not just “conservative” -- they’re actively dysfunctional in their attitude towards sex. And that’s an unhealthy viewpoint to show to the tweens that Evans writes for.

    For instance, it wouldn’t be hard for the Evanses to non-explicitly write non-judgmentally about various levels of sexual activity (including zero, of course) engaged in by the main and peripheral characters.

    But, again, presenting normal, appropriate sexual activity and/or desires as sick or dangerous does not do their readers a service. For instance, presenting a university dorm filled with adults as having a Sex Policeman (Bernice) is actively deceptive. And I object to that.

  4. Hairhead commented on Luann 7 months ago

    Y’know, I thought that Evans’ high-school Luann strips were cloying, smirking, and unrealistic about sex, but I could accept that because high-school sex is mostly infrequent, furtive, and awkward. But now — Luann, Quill, Bernice, Gunther, and Tiffany are all twenty-year-olds surrounded by other adults who are having sex like normal adults; and the Evanses, what with the “sex-is-a-dirty-terrible-and-dangerous-thing-you-only-do-with-person-you-love-after-the-age-of-thirty-and-after-signing-the-government-forms-which-acknowledge-your-participating-in-this-disgusting-act” speech from Mama deGroot, with Bernice dressing tighter-than-a-nun for bed and patrolling her dorm like the witchfinder-general, with Gunther ignoring Tiffany’s blatant, naked come-ons, with Quill beginning to express his unsurprising unhappiness with four-years-of-blue-balling, all of this has quickly made the strip a cornucopia of squicky sexual dysfunction.

    And they don’t even seem to realize it.

  5. Hairhead commented on Luann over 1 year ago

    “Separate rooms” — that comment shows Bernice thinks like a 50-year-old parent; “separate rooms” never stopped any two people who actually want to!

  6. Hairhead commented on Luann over 2 years ago

    You CAN’T get into the PEACE CORPS unless you ALREADY have a DEGREE! She can enter the Peace Corps after she’s finished with Yale. And re: Gunther: would she give up Yale for that ONE KISS from Gunther?


  7. Hairhead commented on Luann over 2 years ago

    Do you see what Brad is doing? He’s putting his STREET SHOES on the couch. Do you realize how bloody filthy that is? Since Toni is between his legs, his dirty shoes are on both sides of her, putting grit, mud, sand, and old dog-do right on the couch. Wait! Toni is IN HER SHOES, TOO! On the couch! Flat on the couch. Bloody dirt everywhere.

    What IS it with Evans — or does he come from a dirty, dirty family? I mean, he had to DRAW the shoes, soles, uppers, and everything. Having them in socks would be easier to draw, and cleaner, too.

    Honestly, every time I think I have seen every way in which Evans can demonstrate his protagonists are shallow, nasty, and stupid, he demonstrates something else — in this case, filth!

  8. Hairhead commented on Luann over 3 years ago

    Uh. People. A role, no matter how small, in an actual completed and distributed professional movie is worth WAY more than any role in a high school production. Tiff got in there on her merits, on her willingness to plan, to take action, to work hard, and to put herself in a position to work with PROFESSIONALS.

    Furthermore, Tiff has a long and well-documented history of public performance (beauty contests) which not only succeeded, but required hard work and discipline. This is truth, regardless of what you think of Tiff.

    Luann didn’t do any of that, so she doesn’t get in.

  9. Hairhead commented on Luann over 3 years ago

    A three-hour drive. That’s 150 miles. Round-trip 300 miles. For an UNPAID internship while you’re in high school? Evans has no connection to the real world.

  10. Hairhead commented on Luann over 3 years ago

    Toni is “the luckiest girl in history?” In history? In HISTORY?

    The man she wants to marry less than a year ago was squealing like an 8-year-old when allowed to “wear the headset” at his minimum-wage job at Weenie World. This man is so stupid that when he was laid off from his union job, he 1) didn’t take the unemployment cheques he was entitled to, and 2) took a minimum-wage food-service job when he was already a qualified and experienced paramedic.

    Mind you, Toni is the woman who threatened to quit her job and destroy her career threatening her employer to get B-wad’s job back, when union seniority and municipal hiring practices DO NOT ALLOW such things.

    Agh, they deserve each other.