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  1. Rcwhiting commented on Monty 1 day ago

    Maybe get him a lumberjack shirt next. Totally metro…

  2. Rcwhiting commented on Brewster Rockit 4 days ago

    Like the evolution from jazz to rap. Fewer notes saying less and less till you get to a single persistent sound that is worse than silence. It will be sad when words are the same and what we communicate is reflective what we can understand – nothing. Sad

  3. Rcwhiting commented on Zen Pencils 6 days ago

    I’ve always told my sons that you have to find what you love to do and if you do it, it will return your love. How much you earn is a false desire. It can be a benchmark, one of many, on how well you are doing what you love. But it’s only one benchmark and not really a very important one. Happy to say my sons are working through life pursuing their passions and the money coming along nicely. They’re not on Wall Street but I bet A lot happier.

  4. Rcwhiting commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 13 days ago

    I think the green guy did it after hearing too much about Mario.

  5. Rcwhiting commented on Monty 15 days ago

    Interesting observation. It probably could also be stated that in general (non-politically speaking) that more older adults tend to become more conservative meaning they are less willing to engage in change. From a more political perspective, conservative and liberal have taken on very different meanings that I would bet most people couldn’t clearly articulate and after the last election, I know I sure couldn’t. Maybe we need some uninterested AI to help us define what we are…

  6. Rcwhiting commented on Brewster Rockit 16 days ago

    I think we’re all moving from AI-based machines to RI-based (retro intelligence) Don’t trust anyone under 50! Long live the new retro revolution.

  7. Rcwhiting commented on Monty 16 days ago

    So therefor, how can you be truly lazy without also know how to work…

  8. Rcwhiting commented on Monty 18 days ago

    The real question isn’t about the evolution or devolution of either robots or humans. The future will inevitably be a merger of the two. Where humanity provides the sentience and, if you will, the soul. And robots and AI provide the next level of building blocks to augment that which we are or will be. AI won’t be artificial but augmented. Face it, we will be assimilated or more likely we will assimilate the machines… And, just because we’ll have AI based neural nets linking people and everything else, doesn’t mean we will have scary looking tubes coming out if heads (unless that’s the fashion statement of the day) or more importantly the loss of individual free will.

  9. Rcwhiting commented on The Grizzwells 20 days ago

    Well by making the elected officials all wear clown costumes could be a huge improvement. Hard to be serious saying stupid things when you’re wearing a clown costume. Maybe then no one will take them seriously for once. I’d love to see congress with honkers and seltzer bottles during a debate. Go Clown Party 2020! Or maybe a law that says if you engage in any political discussion or protest you have to at least wear big shoes and a big red nose.

  10. Rcwhiting commented on Brewster Rockit 20 days ago

    No, obamacare was where I have to pay more than my mortgage and find out out any good healcare doesn’t accept the Obamacare coverage. Universal healthcare is where the government decides how sick you are and then gives you a dollar and tells the doctor how to treat you for the dollar. Next gen healthcare? Sadly not sure it will be any better