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  1. Agent54 commented on Working Daze 5 days ago

    I get to work X-mas eve till 0600 and Jan 1 from 1800 -0600, no big whop,, no traffic and easy parking spaces, I rather the workers with kids get to stay home.

  2. Agent54 commented on The Buckets 5 days ago

    Second box looks like she crushed the gift.

  3. Agent54 commented on The Buckets 6 days ago

    Life’s little lessons come at the last minute.

  4. Agent54 commented on JumpStart 7 days ago

    Originally the cloud was the point where you connect to the internet and hand off to unknown carriers to get to where you need to get.
    Than the marketing division got hold of the term and like it better than the distributed server term used by many. It take a real dorked up marketing division to make something easy more complex for the use of salesmanship.

  5. Agent54 commented on Arlo and Janis 10 days ago

    Thanks ScullyUFO – this one did go over my head. I have worked in many places but never in a professional kitchen.

  6. Agent54 commented on Working Daze 14 days ago

    Hey doc, he has Santa – I have the big white rabbit. We all get along somehow. Do not take life too serious, we all end up dead in the end anyway.

  7. Agent54 commented on Candorville 15 days ago

    You can not swing a dead cat around you without crossing over some dead persons bones on the US East Coast. There is too long a history and too many dead bodies. That’s life so to speak.

  8. Agent54 commented on Working Daze 16 days ago

    Jay now is your chance to grab a piece of tail, just because she is being catty.

  9. Agent54 commented on Frazz 16 days ago

    Most people can not make change at the cash register – they need the computer to tell them how much – let alone do higher math. Seems too many depend on their PEDs to answer all their questions. The downfall of Rome and all that.

  10. Agent54 commented on The Buckets 16 days ago

    15 to 20 min clean up job…I seen and done worse.