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  1. TKogon commented on Ted Rall over 3 years ago

    Yeah, I guess the drone operator may be considered a murderer. Of course, he was just following orders. Unfortunately, the suicide rate of drone operators just keeps going up. While I was in Iraq, if someone said, “Shoot that person,” or “Blow up that car,” I wouldn’t just do it. There has to be a threat. We don’t drive around and kill anyone who seems a little suspicious not worrying about collateral damage. You can’t separate yourself from the battlefield, do the same thing, but play by different rules.

  2. TKogon commented on Steve Breen over 3 years ago

    Haha. That gave me a laugh.

  3. TKogon commented on Candorville over 3 years ago

    There’s a difference between getting a better job and stealing money from your kids’ piggy bank.

  4. TKogon commented on People of Earth almost 4 years ago

    He’ll have to remove his mask to match him up to his ID, and also in case they’re using facial recognition software with the cameras. He’s probably on a list of potential right-wing extremist, and he probably has PTSD. They should just lock him up now.

  5. TKogon commented on Ted Rall almost 4 years ago

    Forget your “international law!” We have this little thing called the Constitution. We have our own law…we’re a country. The president shouldn’t have the power to kill someone. That’s the power a king has. “Off with his head,” a wicked king would say. Not much different than, “Send in a drone,” except for the collateral damage.

  6. TKogon commented on Ted Rall almost 4 years ago

    Haha. That was extensively funny.

  7. TKogon commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz almost 4 years ago

    “The secret’s in the sauce.”

  8. TKogon commented on Stuart Carlson almost 4 years ago

    What if a conservative made a cartoon depicting a liberal ranting crazily about some issues, then that liberal was taken out by some sniper shot, or something like that? Wouldn’t that be a funny comic, or would it be as ridiculously violent as this one?

  9. TKogon commented on Rose is Rose almost 4 years ago

    “Oh man, why am I forced to sit in front of my computer visiting websites that I don’t want to see after I’ve subscribed to them. I wish I could choose my own path in life, but It’s dictated by laziness and possibly random internet searches. I must live in a special kind of hell.”

  10. TKogon commented on Non Sequitur almost 4 years ago

    I guess you’ve never read the Constitution. Quoting the Second Amendment from a google search doesn’t count. There are provisions in the Constitution for an army written before the Bill of Rights was written. That’s why they are “Amendments.” The National Guard isn’t a militia, it is a Congressionally approved state army, which is also talked about in the Constitution. A militia is made up of private citizens. We don’t have a well regulated militia today. Even the National Guard issues its weapons. The people don’t keep them. One more point. What good is a National Guard as a militia when they don’t even keep ammunition at their armories? It’s true. Obsolete equipment and no ammo. Some militia.