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  1. avj commented on FoxTrot Classics about 1 month ago

    Wow, SBC Yahoo takes me back! By the time I left Conn. SBC was my phone/DSL provider, and I think had the partnership with Yahoo at that time.

    Wikipedia says they started as Southwestern Bell, are now AT&T.

  2. avj commented on Bad Reporter about 1 month ago

    And Republicans were instrumental in starting national parks and national forests – but that was over a century ago.

    Somehow I’m much more concerned about the current positions of a party and its members.

  3. avj commented on Reality Check about 1 month ago

    I’m not sure if we should trust the analysis of someone who confused Plymouth & Jamestown

  4. avj commented on Close to Home 6 months ago

    How did he know that today is my husband’s – an AVID scuba diver’s – birthday ?

  5. avj commented on Candorville 6 months ago

    “Man proposes, God disposes”

  6. avj commented on Dan Wasserman 8 months ago

    Huh? Like . . . WHEN?

  7. avj commented on Candorville 10 months ago

    Tuesday’s strip

  8. avj commented on Monty 12 months ago

    For a while a few years ago there were dark Snickers – my supermarket had them for $.50 at the checkout – I’d treat myself every trip. Yum!!! Except for cleaning up Halloween leftovers, I don’t think I’ve had more than a couple Snickers since those dark ones disappeared.

  9. avj commented on Jack Ohman about 1 year ago

    “If truth is on your side . . .” but only one side is passing laws making sure the truth can’t be known (i.e. illegal to collect/keep data, no gov’t money can go to studies).

  10. avj commented on Bad Reporter about 1 year ago

    Not only did I look him up, but I went on a Wikipedia bender, reading up on (among many other things) the Anacreontic Society that the tune & original words were written for. Reading about the group’s meetings, I have come to the conclusion that calling the original “a drinking song” does not at all give it its due. Yes, there was a lot of drinking at the meetings, but there was also a lot of music – good music – by invited performers as well as club members – the upper class of 18th C London, an age when singing (instead of just listening) was something that everyone did, and those with leisure & money were often trained in.