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  1. 6131\1 commented on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal about 1 month ago

    your answer is correct , for an unknown number of unspecified variables

  2. 6131\1 commented on The Martian Confederacy 3 months ago

    I suspect that the lack of oxygen has lowered the average IQ by 50%

  3. 6131\1 commented on Bloom County 5 months ago

    Watch out Opus, it’s a bust!

  4. 6131\1 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 6 months ago

    expect the worst, you will be right most of the time, but could be pleasantly surprised

  5. 6131\1 commented on U.S. Acres over 1 year ago

    Don’t give them any ideas! I already get commercials every time I open my Kindle.

  6. 6131\1 commented on Endtown almost 2 years ago

    Or, “I am the great and powerful OZ….Pay no attention to the rat behind the screen”

  7. 6131\1 commented on The Further Adventures of Mackie White about 2 years ago

    Happy Holidays!
    I miss you Guys.

  8. 6131\1 commented on MythTickle about 2 years ago

    But why did the minister slay and ate tiny reindeer?

  9. 6131\1 commented on Over the Hedge about 2 years ago

    Only in Canada Eh,,,,Pity.

  10. 6131\1 commented on Jeff Stahler almost 3 years ago

    My concern would be that this is a virtual billboard in your eye, controlled by Google, not to mention the possibility of subliminal advertising as well. and you can’t look away.