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  1. jml39 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not almost 3 years ago

    Check the true bear story out at http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/bears-were-used-test-flights-world-first-supersonic-225331539.html

  2. jml39 commented on Brevity about 3 years ago

    @jreckard, on the contrary, Southwest has the most well-organized boarding process of any airline I’ve flown.

  3. jml39 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not over 3 years ago

    Re: Girlfriend coat. How sad.

  4. jml39 commented on Brevity over 3 years ago

    How about Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel, Jr.). And yes, I’m betraying my age.

  5. jml39 commented on For Better or For Worse over 3 years ago

    What a sad strip.

  6. jml39 commented on One Big Happy over 3 years ago

    No, @pshearer, the Church never thought that God could not “put all the pieces together”. It’s just that cremation is no longer used as a statement of disbelief in the resurrection of the body, so there is no longer a need for a law to forbid it.

  7. jml39 commented on Betty over 4 years ago

    Wait till she gets the bill for data usage!

  8. jml39 commented on Brevity almost 5 years ago

    Where did the dog get opposable thumbs?

  9. jml39 commented on Stone Soup almost 5 years ago

    I see that bigotry is alive and well.

  10. jml39 commented on Non Sequitur almost 5 years ago

    Why is it that the only acceptable bigotry is that against religion?