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  1. Walter commented on Doonesbury 4 months ago

    “A flat tax gives a huge tax cut to the rich and a huge tax increase to the poor.”

    Haven’t done much looking at the tax code, huh? Those top tax rates are undone by all the deductions, credits, carry-forwards, etc. Get rid of them, adopt a flat tax (with a threshold) and then “the rich” will pay their “fair share.” Plus the savings in IRS & private accountants and other tax professionals.

  2. Walter commented on Henry Payne 4 months ago

    Rose Mary Woods couldn’t hold a candle to Hillary Clinton’s destructions of records and blatant violation of common sense if not federal law.

  3. Walter commented on Luann 6 months ago

    I see today the pants color has been fixed. It was, as you noted, brown when this strip was first posted last night.

  4. Walter commented on Luann 6 months ago

    Principal has probably been reading this website on last weeks series…

  5. Walter commented on Luann 7 months ago

    Interesting observation. Is Gunther transforming into Steve Jobs?

  6. Walter commented on Luann 8 months ago

    “and the entire Calvary behind him?”

  7. Walter commented on Luann 8 months ago

    It’s funnier when it’s hidden and suggested. especially with the quip suggesting what you can’t see. It’s vulgar when shown. Personally I find South Park, for instance, funnier in the censored form that is broadcast than the uncensored form. Similarly, you can get a laugh about something tragic (say the idea of a busload of lawyers going over a cliff with one seat empty) but not the real thing.

  8. Walter commented on Luann 8 months ago

    Hmm, this thread is reading like a Beavis and Butthead episode…

  9. Walter commented on Luann 9 months ago

    Anyone notice that Toni & Brad have jackets, suggesting it’s quite cool? Wonder if the host is gonna quote George’s comment from Seinfeld…

  10. Walter commented on Luann 12 months ago

    Gee, going unannounced to a remote clinic. What kind of problems can this cause…