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  1. jadescomics commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    I hardly think there’s a comparison. No one will crown the leaders of the Tea Party as Saints.

  2. jadescomics commented on Michael Ramirez over 3 years ago

    That was the most ignorant thing I’ve ever seen in a post. EVER.

  3. jadescomics commented on Jim Morin about 4 years ago

    @ScottPM Incorrect logic, the Federal government received significantly less tax revenue over the past four years than the Bush administration did. Here are the numbers:
    http://www.usgovernmentrevenue.com/federal_revenue_chart That “dip” is where we are currently at because of this recession. Once revenue returns to normal, you will see how current policy has significantly reduced spending versus the Bush administration. Conservatives hate me because I’m much better at knowing the facts than them

  4. jadescomics commented on Jim Morin about 4 years ago

    A perpetual motion machine is impossible according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Point is, I’ve read Atlas Shrugged, and even though Rand’s a good philosopher, she’s a shitty realist!

  5. jadescomics commented on Mike Luckovich about 4 years ago

    Big Bird’s overrated, it’s the fact that the good ol’ Cookie Monster is going to get the boot is depressing!! No more “C is for Cookie” but “C is for Cut the hell out of educational opportunity”

  6. jadescomics commented on Jim Morin almost 5 years ago

    Like a good politician (Romney doesn’t think himself), he’s staying far enough away so he doesn’t get hurt. Sigh it’s bad when the GOP’s best hope is Romney

  7. jadescomics commented on The Argyle Sweater almost 5 years ago


  8. jadescomics commented on Get Fuzzy almost 5 years ago

    And Satchel might actually know something…about philosophy

  9. jadescomics commented on Get Fuzzy almost 5 years ago

    I think Bucky is too smart for his own good.

  10. jadescomics commented on Pearls Before Swine almost 5 years ago

    Rat will always find a way back, ALWAYS