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  1. orbenjawell commented on Dumb Question/Bad Answer 6 days ago

    ….and she’ll hit something outta the park!

  2. orbenjawell commented on Dungeon Hordes 6 days ago

    Make sure it’s level with the ground…….better yet, devise for him to sleep standing up………

  3. orbenjawell commented on BUNS 6 days ago

    He’s probably not a sentence-diagramming child, either…….

  4. orbenjawell commented on The Wages of Sindy 6 days ago

    Yeah, she also “supposes” she’ll rob a couple banks, pinch a few Lexus cars, call in a few bomb scares, cheat on her taxes….y’know, when she’s old enough for that last one, stuff like that….what’re “best friends” for?

  5. orbenjawell commented on Pirate Mike 6 days ago

    Now show your gratitude, Mike: fill all the holes back up…….oh, and give doggie a 20% cut of the chest contents….finder’s fee!

  6. orbenjawell commented on The Dinette Set 6 days ago

    Yeah, the ground REALLY shook that day……….

  7. orbenjawell commented on Big Nate 6 days ago

    So far, Peter has only cracked a smile when Nate gets threatened and/or pounded……..later at home they should watch some Three Stooges?

  8. orbenjawell commented on BUNS 6 days ago

    Squandering stuff is……..work. Oh, woe is he!!

  9. orbenjawell commented on Dungeon Hordes 6 days ago

    Coulda been worse: he mighta thrown a tantrum instead…..

  10. orbenjawell commented on Candace 'n' Company 6 days ago

    Count a blessing: your pets are creatures of instinct Ya loves ’em just fer that……an S.O. on the other hand, endowed with reason (pesky thing!!) taking up half the bed is either one of your greatest assets, or one of your greatest liabilities, or a mix of both. Love that dog, Candace!!