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  1. orbenjawell commented on The Dinette Set about 24 hours ago

    MEANWHILE: All those smirking passersby are thinking the same thing: “Yeah! YOU!! Exercise! Ha! When pigs fly!”

  2. orbenjawell commented on The Dinette Set about 24 hours ago

    Yeah, she was pretty cool……….likely still is, but in a much better place.

  3. orbenjawell commented on People of Earth about 24 hours ago

    Make it a Hot Rod Lincoln: just to throw some spice into the stew!!

  4. orbenjawell commented on BUNS about 24 hours ago

    You just can’t please some people……..

  5. orbenjawell commented on Dumb Question/Bad Answer about 24 hours ago

    Oh, he got it, alright! Only NOW it’s old and sort of beat up!!

  6. orbenjawell commented on Something about Celeste about 24 hours ago

    And he PUSHED ’em, all right!! Woo! Woo!! WOOOO!!! Ding! Ding! CLAAAAANNNNGGG!! Whoop! Whoop!! WHOOOP!! and other "siren-alarm noises!!

  7. orbenjawell commented on Skull about 24 hours ago

    Probably wouldn’t have guessed the name Honor Blackman had in Goldfinger, either!!

  8. orbenjawell commented on Big Nate about 24 hours ago

    Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues…………

  9. orbenjawell commented on Dungeon Hordes 2 days ago

    There was a magic spell printed on the back of the Mr. Bubble box?

  10. orbenjawell commented on Skull 2 days ago

    I bet that shark who warned the gang about Papalao earlier on knows the password!!