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  1. luannfan1212 commented on Luann about 15 hours ago

    Given what the arc is between Toni and Brad this bit of boring is good. Monday we get back to not boring.

  2. luannfan1212 commented on Luann about 19 hours ago

    nwa wedding preparations are up there near the top with stress. It’s not just the preparations, it the emotional changes it puts not only the bride and groom through, but families, friends, acquaintances, so many things, so many emotions, so much money, so much meaning. In this case the context too has to be considered. Toni has been abused so much in her life, that even though she has a lot of what she wants, life still has not stopped heaping abuse on her, or so she feels with some justification. The greatness of this will be how Brad comes in and heals, if he does, and how Luann, her family and friends will help her. They want her in the family, so they will do what is necessary, including Shannon, to get her with Brad, and in the family. Happens all the time, but it can be very stressful. Nothing weak about it, This is life, and while this is Luannverse it reflects life, a more nuanced view than saying it’s weak. Trust me, go through it yourself and see if you say that.

  3. luannfan1212 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    She is not bailing. She is overwhelmed. If this causes her to bail, then she would be shallow, and not what she has been drawn to be. This is a burp, a big burp, but a burp nevertheless. I went through the same stuff with my finance when I got married, and we got through it. So many people do as well, its not that unusual. So I think this is an aha moment but it will work out WildeB. But I have been surprised by GE and company before so we see man (lol).

  4. luannfan1212 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    This happens to almost every wedding or pre-marriage. The dramatic redoubt. A retreat from too much pressure by one partner, shocking to the other, but usually, if the partners love each other, and these two do, and there is good communication, catching breath, listening, accommodation and compromise it should work out. There are a lot of issues here, but nothing that can’t be worked out and faced. This is the time to step up to the plate Bradley. You want this woman then you need to find out what she needs and give it to her. Good preparation for marriage by the way. I think he will do that, but Sunday I know it will be something on life foibles.

  5. luannfan1212 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    This is a thinking person’s strip, and the comments certainly reflect that. Just thought I would comment on that.

  6. luannfan1212 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Agree, agree too!

  7. luannfan1212 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Where have you been dude? That might be true, not saying it isn’t as I have no emprical evidence otherwise, but exactly the opposite is what happens usually.

  8. luannfan1212 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Excellent comment.

  9. luannfan1212 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Boy you are a very sensitive type aren’t you? Or you have not been following this arc. Either way you are way off base, FOUL!!

  10. luannfan1212 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    One point that a number of comments have made over several arcs is that so many characters seem to talk past each other, in other words communication seems to be lacking. Eventually, through a number of panels an important message is conveyed. An example is the breakup with Quill and Luann, or another is the true nature of and intentions by Pru, in spite of Bernice’s assumptions; another is how Bernice and Gunther totally misunderstood each other’s feelings or intentions, and eventually Bernice realized she again had jumped to conclusions and apologized. The jury is still out though with them whether that means anything further might develop with them. I hope it does, but probably more posters hope not. My point here is that Toni has a lot in her head, the issue with her brother, Shannon, not being all that excited about a big wedding, now all the suggestions by TJ, and Brad has a million things he is excited about. He is totally into his excitement, and not being sensitive to, or listening to her, and sensing her feelings. I think she is about to bring him into how she feels real quick now. I am pretty confident that Brad will quickly become a listener and very sensitive to her.