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  1. NickyAyl commented on Rose is Rose over 2 years ago

    @raymond martin — I didn’t realize that any Flanders and Swann’s fans were still alive……well done, sir.

  2. NickyAyl commented on Dogs of C-Kennel over 2 years ago

    Will is a nice family type guy. Why hasn’t someone adopted him yet?

  3. NickyAyl commented on Kliban's Cats over 2 years ago

    Great sweater! And he wears it well. My poms would kill to have a sweater like that. :)

  4. NickyAyl commented on The Other Coast almost 3 years ago

    If we don’t know a rescue’s birthday, we call it the “Gotcha Day” – the day we brought you home.

  5. NickyAyl commented on Doonesbury about 3 years ago

    The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate was in April of 2011, so that seems about right.

  6. NickyAyl commented on Rose is Rose almost 4 years ago

    This isn’t like Rose and Jimbo at all.

  7. NickyAyl commented on Non Sequitur almost 4 years ago

    This is a perfect illustration of the reason that old white guys are now politically irrelevant. It’s all a question of attitude.

  8. NickyAyl commented on Stone Soup over 4 years ago

    Now is a good time to learn whether their levels of commitment are the same. It’s one thing to periodically pitch in on Habitat for Humanity home projects, and another thing entirely to devote YEARS to humanitarian work in other countries. I suspect Evie and her beau may not be on the same page.