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  1. GregBulmash commented on Pinkerton about 3 years ago

    When she calls him “Uncle Buckley” it reminds me that there are some in this world that consider him a “grown-up.” That’s a disturbing thought.

  2. GregBulmash commented on Imagine This about 3 years ago

    Darrin uses a Mac, proof that only losers use Mac.

  3. GregBulmash commented on Imagine This over 3 years ago

    Not all turtles can breathe through their butts, just some. This has primarily been observed in an Australian turtle, which is further proof that Australia is just plain weird.

  4. GregBulmash commented on Pinkerton almost 5 years ago

    @NightGaunt: But even athiests agree that words have power, otherwise the athiests would be protesting political correctness, semiotics, and all the other things academics use to convince us our unthinking, unfeeling statements are making it impossible for [name of minority group] to feel good about themselves or get a fair shake. And, of course, we offend everyone whose purpose in life is to get offended on the behalf of others.

  5. GregBulmash commented on Pinkerton almost 5 years ago

    Don, it’s “offend” not insult. Taking your lord’s name in vain is not an insult to you. It’s HIS name.

    If I wanted to insult you as a Christian, I’d say that you’re a heathen polytheist trying to use the “holy trinity” to lawyer your way around the first commandment. The entire concept of Jesus as God is a blatant violation of “thou shalt have no other gods before me,” and you’re going to Hell.

    That would be insulting.

    Just saying “hot Jesus” would merely be offensive.