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  1. captain kidney commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz about 4 years ago

    The inspector was there at the time, why isn’t he the perp? How come no one ever suspects the inspector? With his background, he knows just how to pull off the perfect crime and place the blame on someone else.

  2. captain kidney commented on Speed Bump about 4 years ago

    This crossed a line for me. On Memorial Day you honor the troops, not mock them.

  3. captain kidney commented on Wizard of Id over 4 years ago

    Poor little cow, but I’m sure it will come out ok in the end.

  4. captain kidney commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken over 4 years ago

    expensive place, last time I was there, it cost an arm and an arm and an arm and an arm and a leg

  5. captain kidney commented on Crumb over 4 years ago

    very efficient, saved him the trouble of lifting all that food to his mouth.

  6. captain kidney commented on Unstrange Phenomena over 4 years ago

    Same thing happened to an uncle of mine. The next year we bought smaller bunnies.

  7. captain kidney commented on Speed Bump over 4 years ago

    It is sad that the bills for our pet health care are much higher than our bills for people health care. Our pets are definately worth it, but I’m still kinda hoping there’s gonna be a way to add our pets onto our healthcare. ;) 500 dollars for a checkup and bloodtests is getting to be a bit much.

  8. captain kidney commented on Twaggies over 4 years ago

    I saw a sign that said ‘Fine for Littering’, so I did.

  9. captain kidney commented on Brewster Rockit over 4 years ago

    Oldbot must have been using his old-factory senses to sniff the cheese

  10. captain kidney commented on Unstrange Phenomena over 4 years ago

    How did they get the tape to stick to the ocean?