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  1. Kaffekup commented on Jen Sorensen about 5 hours ago

    Is the top intellectual of a Know-Nothing Party the guy that knows the most, or knows the least?

  2. Kaffekup commented on La Cucaracha about 6 hours ago

    I knew there was nothing there; I’m referring to the fact that the republicans held all those hearings for political gain, and even admitted it about the hearing chaired by Banjo Boy from Deliverence. Talk about “whoring the dead”, nobody beats republicans at that.

  3. Kaffekup commented on Prickly City about 12 hours ago

    Whereas trump, who will screw anyone for a buck, can’t be bought and is only looking out for you. Tell me another one. Can I sell you a slightly-used bridge?

  4. Kaffekup commented on Jim Morin about 12 hours ago

    But “American exceptionalism” isn’t nationalism, is it? And we don’t use racism to control anyone, do we?

  5. Kaffekup commented on Jen Sorensen about 12 hours ago

    Anybody here think Wallace would be a Democrat now?
    I doubt it.
    I couldn’t stand Will on the Sunday morning show; no matter the issue, he always had a a snarky, sarcastic comment on it, never a serious answer. Glad he moved to his natural habitat, Faux.

  6. Kaffekup commented on Brewster Rockit about 12 hours ago

    At least Palpatine didn’t wear a stupid hat. I guess the white one was supposed to be formal, but looked out of place in Scotland. I guess the real purpose is to keep the rat’s nest in place in the wind.

  7. Kaffekup commented on Pearls Before Swine about 13 hours ago

    I know a guy like that. It makes you very careful what you say around him.

  8. Kaffekup commented on Doonesbury about 13 hours ago

    Who’s listening? Frazier Crane?

  9. Kaffekup commented on La Cucaracha about 13 hours ago

    Four people died in Benghazi and Congress held 10 hearings.
    Forty-mine died in Orlando. The House held a quicky vote to comfort the comfortable (scammers) and fled on vacation.

  10. Kaffekup commented on Tom Toles 1 day ago

    But that can happen even if you gave great insurance. Between defuctibles and copays, most Americans probably don’t have several spare thousand lying around. And then, years later, getting a bill from the hospital or doctor saying you owe thousands more. I’ve seen it happen.