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  1. cforzetting commented on Edge of Adventure 2 days ago

    It was not the best way to pack the guns, but you can see that the hammers are not cocked, so even a major impact like a 6-foot drop onto concrete is very highly unlikely to cause a discharge, even with 1920-1930’s models, and dropping\throwing them onto a packed set of clothes far elss so.

  2. cforzetting commented on Compu-toon 8 days ago

    As shown in Clarke’s ‘3001’

  3. cforzetting commented on Frazz 14 days ago

    Purse Control legislation is clearly needed

  4. cforzetting commented on My Cage: New and Old 15 days ago

    She’s either a Time Lady or there’s gonna be a newbie in the strip soon

  5. cforzetting commented on MythTickle 28 days ago

    Since ‘mythological’ beings are in the classroom it seems that saying that people did not understand phenomena does not fly, since their explanations (as shown by the presence of the aforementioned mythological beings) are actually correct…

  6. cforzetting commented on Edge of Adventure about 1 month ago

    Allow me to add my appreciation for the nod to Commander McBragg.

  7. cforzetting commented on Frazz about 1 month ago

    The strip takes place in an elementary school and kids love bathroom humor, so it’s perfectly reasonable that this kind of thing could happen. Even Caulfield, for all his genius, is still a kid, not William F. Buckley. Frazz did mess up on the particular contraction he used, but it’s a comic strip, not the McGuffey Reader (BTW, if you get a chance to ever read one of those, compare them with the reading books you had in an equivalent grade, and cry for the modern educational system).

  8. cforzetting commented on Moderately Confused 2 months ago

    You forgot “safe spaces”…

  9. cforzetting commented on Wizard of Id 2 months ago

    I would have an EM-pulse cannon to disable the electrical system (fore and aft versions – people who cut me off get a blast too).

  10. cforzetting commented on Wizard of Id 2 months ago

    It’s a comic, guys. However, for self-defense, a weapon that really, for best use, needs a crew to operate, is not the best choice. But maybe this is Speedy, the Really Fast Peasant, able to fire, clean (yes, you had to do a quick wet wipe inside the barrel with a kind of sponge on a stick to remove any stray gunpowder particles that you did not want to ignite and ruin your plans), and then reload a cannon in the blink of an eye.