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  1. warriorpoco commented on It's All About You 3 months ago

    How about, “Look, I am tired of you and your ways! See ya, and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

  2. warriorpoco commented on JumpStart 3 months ago

    JoJo, watch this guy for some archery tips:

  3. warriorpoco commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 6 months ago

    And yet without those support personnel, the front lines would have no ammo, food, etc.

  4. warriorpoco commented on The Humble Stumble 7 months ago

    Saw Mr. Clements way back in ~1975, I believe with the Charlie Daniels Band at William and Mary College. Completely awed by what he could do with that fiddle.

  5. warriorpoco commented on Clear Blue Water 7 months ago

    @ stlmaddog5 – Not sure we have that with either of ’em!

  6. warriorpoco commented on Calvin and Hobbes 8 months ago

    Look on the bright side – you typed your response into some electronic device that uses basic math to convert your thoughts into words on a display. You know math!

  7. warriorpoco commented on In the Sticks 8 months ago

    LOL, love it!

  8. warriorpoco commented on Thatababy 9 months ago

    Down a quart? Check your lap!

  9. warriorpoco commented on Red and Rover 9 months ago

    As the son of an old Chevy mechanic, and a collector of the model cars the dealers used to have on their walls, I say the pictured car is a reasonable facsimile of a ’63 Impala. The ’64 had squared-off fenders. ’63 had the “points” as in the picture. ’62 had a slight slope on the rear fenders. And all Impalas from ’58 thru ’66 (after which I quit paying attention ’cause they got too big and oogly) had 3 tail lights per side; Biscayne, Del Ray and Bel Air had 2 per side.

  10. warriorpoco commented on Family Tree about 1 year ago

    Free health care is not free; someone is paying for it…