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  1. Smiley R Mom GoComics Pro Member commented on Family Tree about 17 hours ago

    We’ve got it great where we live. Everyone has 5 acres or more, and it is a wooded area. Everyone has part of their land that they leave natural, and part that they mow. I insist we mow up around our house, or else we tend to have more critters. (Rats, snakes, mice, raccoons, etc.) Not that mowing prevents having them, but just not at bad. Also cuts down on the chiggers & ticks.

  2. Smiley R Mom GoComics Pro Member commented on Ben about 18 hours ago

    When I was young, I tried to eat just salad for lunch like many of my female friends would do. But I would get a migraine, and so learned I needed something else for lunch. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned the health issues I have that explain why a salad by itself just won’t work for me. I have to eat extra salt, due to vasovagal syncope. I have to eat high protein for my anemia. I’m to eat high carbs for my lipid storage myopathy. And between the vasovagal & the lipid storage myopathy, I have exercise intolerance. (Which means I’m to only exercise as long as it is “comfortable” – doctor’s orders!)
    Ben may not know why it is that he craves a grilled cheese sandwich, but I’m going to guess there is something in it that helps him feel better. (Salt, calcium, protein, etc.)
    It is interesting that the vasovagal problem seems to run in my family, and we all tend to crave salty foods at times. It was less than 10 years ago, that we found out that there’s a name for the fainting problem that our family has (and I have it the worse of everyone.)

  3. Smiley R Mom GoComics Pro Member commented on Zack Hill 4 days ago

    Medical bills for heat exhaustion/stroke are expensive too. There’s “too hot to be comfortable” and then there’s “so hot it is dangerous”. I remember back in 1980, it was so hot, it didn’t get below 100F at night. Unfortunately, I was living in a duplex without a/c at the time. Called my mom and asked how they survived hot weather in the depression when they didn’t even have electricity! Cold baths, soak sheets in cool water, and place over the screen doors and windows. Probably not a good idea in a high crime area, but neither is dying from heat. Thankfully, I had a noon-9pm job in an air conditioned building, so wasn’t out in the heat at the worse part of the day.
    We’ve got actual heat temps here in KS around the 100F mark, with heat indices (adjusted for humidity) around 105F. At least it gets down in the 70’s overnight, and so thankful for a/c (in vehicles and buildings!)

  4. Smiley R Mom GoComics Pro Member commented on Flo and Friends 4 days ago

    I’ve got a vehicle like that, it has two fuel pumps. As long as I keep a quarter of the tank full, no problem. Can’t run it down to the fumes, or it will stall. Doesn’t really bother me, since I don’t like the tank to get that low anyway. Actually, it is sort of nice, because my husband likes to wait until a vehicle is almost empty before filling up. But if we drive mine, he knows it won’t work well, even if there is still some gas left in the tank.

  5. Smiley R Mom GoComics Pro Member commented on Baldo 4 days ago

    Even though I often buy the cheapest, that’s not always the case with fresh corn. Looked at some priced at 25 cents, a couple of weeks ago, but bought the 5 for $2 instead. The cheap priced corn was dried out, the higher priced was much better quality.

  6. Smiley R Mom GoComics Pro Member commented on PreTeena 6 days ago

    What happened to Jeri’s “adjustment”?

  7. Smiley R Mom GoComics Pro Member commented on Pickles 6 days ago

    I always call it a “straight” shirt tail, not a “flat bottom”. But still the same rule.

  8. Smiley R Mom GoComics Pro Member commented on The Buckets 6 days ago

    I love kittens, but tolerate cats. If only kittens didn’t become cats…

  9. Smiley R Mom GoComics Pro Member commented on Family Tree 8 days ago

    At least my kids remember some of what I did for them, because I was a “stay-at-home” (& homeschool) mom until they went to college.

  10. Smiley R Mom GoComics Pro Member commented on Family Tree 12 days ago

    Yep, never had had cable or satellite TV in my life, and not sorry. I decided I’d be the same way – waste too much time trying to get my money’s worth. As long as my internet connection is decent, I can get along fine w/o TV. Unfortunately, I bought a monitor/TV, so now the rest of my family wastes time watching the broadcast channels. (The sofa only fits 3, and with 4 in the family, I usually choose to read a book instead.)