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  1. scaeva commented on Arlo and Janis about 14 hours ago

    If you or your partner snore, get tested for sleep apnea. Not only will treatment for it stop the snoring problem, it may significantly increase your lifespan and enjoyment of it.

  2. scaeva commented on Barney & Clyde 3 days ago

    I disagree: Useful to anyone who wants to use the language properly, whether writing or speaking. English isn’t taught this way, anymore. It should be.

  3. scaeva commented on Sheldon 3 days ago

    Shave your head—problem solved. Saves a lot of money, too.

  4. scaeva commented on Sheldon 6 days ago

    Oh good grief, not these again!

    Gorillas may look ugly to us, but they are a damned sight nicer than humans.

    And if you want to knock those of us “silverbacks” who are over sixty and still fit, don’t use the gorilla—they make the strongest human who ever lived look like a “90 lb. weakiling.”

    Same thing applies to the over the hill set who only pretend they want to be in shape. Leave the gorillas alone.

  5. scaeva commented on Barney & Clyde 7 days ago

    I believe every one of those is a trademark violation—at least enough to be litigated.

  6. scaeva commented on Betty 12 days ago

    Those ARE the family programs!

  7. scaeva commented on Frazz 15 days ago

    We footballers always admired the cross country guys. It takes real gumption to run twenty miles a day, then barf. Gotta admire that dedication.

    On the other hand, I used to run every other day in the off season, often at night when it was cooler. But I was not good enough for cross country. Besides, I hate barfing.

  8. scaeva commented on Working Daze 24 days ago

    Most people see what they want to see, or what they think they want to see.

  9. scaeva commented on Sheldon 25 days ago

    Science isn’t hard. Thinking is hard, and most never learn to do it. If you think, rather than merely respond emotionally, science is not only easy, it’s fun. Of course, then the corporate interests, or some “cause,” get a hold of it, and feed the spun version to the media.

    If you ate enough processed meat to give you cancer, you’d die of heart disease long before.

  10. scaeva commented on Wizard of Id 26 days ago

    Actually, steel is basically iron plus carbon. The other metals are to impart different characteristics to the alloy.