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  1. scaeva commented on Non Sequitur about 19 hours ago

    Good grief! What will she be like as a teenager?

  2. scaeva commented on Sheldon about 19 hours ago

    I second, third, and fourth the motion!!!

  3. scaeva commented on Sheldon 4 days ago

    Well, the MicroSlop references were cute …

  4. scaeva commented on Sheldon 7 days ago

    I’ll second that. These are pretty weak.

  5. scaeva commented on Breaking Cat News 8 days ago

    “… and we danced by the light of the moon!”

  6. scaeva commented on Wizard of Id 8 days ago

    Historically speaking, the Mongols were the medieval version of getting nuked. Ironically, the migration of the Huns was possibly started by the aggression of the Xiongnu—who are the ancestors of the Mongols.

    Oops, out of time. See you next class. =^D

  7. scaeva commented on Nest Heads 8 days ago

    Oh, they fit right in with the point of the strip.

  8. scaeva commented on Sheldon 8 days ago

    It was great, it was way too short (thanks to executives who only think money is creativity), and it’s gone. Time to move on.

  9. scaeva commented on Nick and Zuzu 11 days ago

    The real problem is that men are attracted to women who think like that.

  10. scaeva commented on Beardo 11 days ago

    Have to admire his dedication to the strip.