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  1. scaeva commented on Wizard of Id about 4 hours ago

    Actually, steel is basically iron plus carbon. The other metals are to impart different characteristics to the alloy.

  2. scaeva commented on Nick Anderson about 4 hours ago

    As long as PEOPLE blame inanimate objects for what PEOPLE do, the problem cannot be solved. The problem has little to do with guns, a great deal to do with PEOPLE.

  3. scaeva commented on Breaking Cat News 7 days ago

    Cats’ color vision isn’t so much muted as a slightly different range. They see further into the infrared than humans because they have more of the red-sensitive cone cells, and a greater number of rod cells. Color vision is necessary to small cat species because a significant portion of their natural prey is insects. The distinctive markings of insects often indicate toxicity (monarch butterflies, for example), or other nasty surprises.

  4. scaeva commented on Arlo and Janis 7 days ago

    Not quite: she thinks it isn’t so. Arlo knows it comes from within.

  5. scaeva commented on Frazz 10 days ago

    I recently did my first “official” metric century (100 km.) at age 66. I often rode farther than that in my youth, but didn’t have a fancy gadget to measure it, just paper maps (remember those?). Frazz is right: the joy is in the riding, and knowing you’ve done the best you can at the moment.

    “If he is the best, with whom does he compete?”
    “With himself.”

    And frankly, that’s the only competition that matters.

  6. scaeva commented on Frazz 10 days ago

    We are all doomed. The question is not are we doomed, but to what.

  7. scaeva commented on Robert Ariail 12 days ago

    You left off the FedEx sticker!

  8. scaeva commented on Jeff Danziger 12 days ago

    And vote for whom? Both of those maniacs will get you killed, and won’t get the worth of your blood and suffering for it.

  9. scaeva commented on Arlo and Janis 13 days ago

    I’ll second that!

  10. scaeva commented on Back to B.C. 15 days ago

    Significantly more than the average citizen.