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  1. Troy Young commented on Dogs of C-Kennel about 1 month ago

    Seriously, guys? It’s an homage to Calvin & Hobbes.

  2. Troy Young commented on Ink Pen 10 months ago

    “Did the song made”??

  3. Troy Young commented on Get Fuzzy 11 months ago

    The last time the Browns were a threat to go anywhere was the 1994-1995 season when Bill Belichick was their coach, right before Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore.

  4. Troy Young commented on Brevity 11 months ago

    So ‘status’ is pronounced ‘staters’ in the UK?

  5. Troy Young commented on B.C. 11 months ago

    Common sense here, folks. Yes, SOME dog breeds can handle the extreme cold, but many can NOT as evidenced by the number of dead, frozen dogs found outside homes every winter.

  6. Troy Young commented on Monty 11 months ago

    If he’s being fed Alpo, he’s already being punished enough.

  7. Troy Young commented on Moderately Confused 11 months ago

    I’ve been saying for the past couple of years that it won’t take long until people under 25 years old won’t know why we say, “hang up the phone”.

  8. Troy Young commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 12 months ago

    Pre-Perry Journey was awesome, but a totally different band. They may have been ‘pop-y’ with Perry, but they were equally as good, just different.

  9. Troy Young commented on Moderately Confused about 1 year ago

    I am! I don’t care about the hype, either. I only care about a new Star Wars movie that HAS GOT to be better than those three prequels. Blech. Great story, horrible acting.

  10. Troy Young commented on Farcus about 1 year ago

    That kinda looks like Rick on “The Walking Dead” about every other episode this season.