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  1. hamcg commented on Pluggers 4 months ago

    Not ironic at all….water aerobics is 30 to 60 minutes. Mowing my yard with a riding mower? 3 hours. I do not even WANT to think how long it would take with a push mower.

  2. hamcg commented on Frazz almost 2 years ago

    @curmudgeon68 / @Jerry Carlson
    This is where “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” comes from…second verse “No bring us some figgy pudding…And we won’t go until we got some”

  3. hamcg commented on Frazz almost 2 years ago

    DST did make sense when Ben Franklin first proposed it, and it did save on candles and gas-lights, when they were in use. After Mr. Edison brought us electric lights, DST’s usefulness diminished significantly. with regards to indoor activities, but it does allow us to have sports activities in the summer evenings on fields without lights.

  4. hamcg commented on Red and Rover about 2 years ago

    Our kids started today. Last day of school is June 12. During the year, school is closed 24 days. Total in-shool days: 185.

  5. hamcg commented on Maria's Day about 2 years ago

    Maria did not ask ask about a specific kind of pet. A fish IS a pet and a whole lot less work and expense….

  6. hamcg commented on Working Daze over 2 years ago

    Love Roy as The Hulk….

  7. hamcg commented on Pluggers over 2 years ago


    Also, until yesterday, “Four straight years” without a budget…

  8. hamcg commented on Frazz over 2 years ago

    A male seamstress is a tailor.

  9. hamcg commented on Frazz over 2 years ago

    And what does all the political vitriol have to do with what Frazz now has to clean up?

  10. hamcg commented on Working Daze over 2 years ago

    I came up with 39 (compiled from above posts plus a few more)….

    1 “Scott Zakour”
    2 “John Roberts”
    3. Working with “O” not a clock but the peace symbol
    4. Mitsakes instead of Mistakes
    5. Flies around unlit lightbulb
    6. Incandescent bulb instead of fluorescent
    7. Ideaa instead of idea or ideas
    8. Conpamy instead of Company
    9. Dollrs instead of Dollars
    10. Rita’s Baby bottle
    11. Rita’s rat tail
    12. Rita’s ideas never make money
    13. Company name—Isn’t it MMM?
    14. Norm picture, king
    15. Center pane of “window” taller than other two—intrudes into ceiling
    16. Floor / wall line in center pane of “window” does not match other two
    17. Linda, not Rita
    18. All ways instead of always
    19. were instead of we’re
    20. Jay drinking tea?
    21. Ewe instead of you
    22. Jay in rocking chair
    23. Jay missing glasses
    24. The employees are never in awe of Rita
    25. Andrew asleep on floor
    26. Mopper girl? Black & white?
    27. Carolina & Mrs Jenson’s clothes reversed
    28. A woman chasing Melvin?
    29. Dana wearing glasses
    30. Dana star trek uniform
    31. Dana’s left hand with six fingers
    32. Roy in a suit?
    33. Roy eating yogurt
    34. Roy is not sitting on anything
    35. Table is actually a door
    36. Ed is working
    37. Ed’s laptop text-based
    38. Ed has a target on his back
    39. Ed has a bow in his hair