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Endtown by Aaron Neathery


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  1. DADOF3 commented on Endtown 5 days ago

    To be fair, the catwoman reference was Salen Stormwing’s , not mine. I had quite purged that image from my mind (unitl now). Though an incureable Trekkie since I religiously watched TOS during it’s original run, STV remains (in MHO) a most forgettable moment in franchise history. ;-)

  2. DADOF3 commented on Endtown 5 days ago

    Seriously? We go from “THE LOOK” on Wednesday to an ambulatory bed and a grumpy Holly today? From the (apparently) impending “mother of all cliffhangers” to “Row, row, row your boat”? Is this Endtown or Star Trek V? ;-(

  3. DADOF3 commented on Endtown 7 days ago

    I think what Wally may be overlooking is that they can’t just go back to Endtown. Endtown must take action to allow them back in. Given the nature of their departure, I think the chances of that happening lie somewhere between “Nuh uh” and “HELL NO!” ;-)

  4. DADOF3 commented on Endtown 8 days ago

    Oh dear. You caught her once Wally, but I think she let you. Don’t think you’ll be so lucky this time. First one to the weird object on the horizon is a crazy mouse lady… ;-)

  5. DADOF3 commented on Endtown 10 days ago

    Uh, they DID leave Endtown in a SLIGHTLY “unconventional” fashion. They may not be welcomed back with exactly open arms. At the very least they will probably be presented with a sizeable bill for one hydraulic transport pod and station cleanup. ;-)

  6. DADOF3 commented on Endtown 13 days ago

    She did tell him she was leaving with or without him, but I think he’s remembering how hard it was for them to get out and realizing she would most likely never have made it alone.

  7. DADOF3 commented on Endtown 15 days ago

    Wally’s thinking back to the things Jim said.

  8. DADOF3 commented on Endtown 17 days ago

    I think Kirby just got the message loud and clear…

  9. DADOF3 commented on Endtown 17 days ago

    Running really late today (#@&%*)!

  10. DADOF3 commented on Endtown 17 days ago

    Maybe an attempt to rescue Clive would be enough to bring Holly back into the fold (at least temporarily). Given Wally’s newfound talents with the dittos, who knows what sort of contraption he might come up with? Deus ex dittos anyone?