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  1. Becca commented on Jim Morin 9 days ago

    Oh, and the door knob and hinges are on the wrong sides of the door for that swing to work.

  2. Becca commented on Jim Morin 9 days ago

    Just to repeat what you’ve said, because it is so important that people need reminding of it:

    A nation willing to give up it’s freedom for security, deserves neither, and will lose both. – Benjamin Franklin

  3. Becca commented on Garfield Minus Garfield 11 days ago

    I’ve always said that “the fun never ends, because the fun never begins!” :/

  4. Becca commented on Clay Jones 20 days ago

    Very well said.

    Clay Jones could’ve added an LGBTQ+ character in there, because we’ve been attacked, as well.

  5. Becca commented on Over the Hedge 22 days ago

    We wish. So say we all.

  6. Becca commented on Nick Anderson about 1 month ago

    And doin’ a danged good job of it, too!

  7. Becca commented on Lisa Benson 2 months ago

    Well said.

  8. Becca commented on Lisa Benson 3 months ago

    The candidates have unwittingly united the country: Clinton’s disapproval rate is 55%, while Trump’s is 58%! You could make the argument that roughly 60% of the country hates the candidates!

  9. Becca commented on Rose is Rose 3 months ago

    Takes one to know one, Clem.

  10. Becca commented on Jim Morin 3 months ago

    Patrick Henry said it best: “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!”