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  1. Nipponkid commented on State of the Union over 7 years ago

    @RobO: I went back to see anything RobO said in the past few days and from yesterdays i have to ask something. Uhhh… What in the hell was that at Marg? She said nothing but was just wondering. She has asked the same thing to me before. Just be kind to those who dont mean any harm and who havent said anything political. Glad that she’s still on here and hope she remains on here after all those rude comments out of no where.

    O, And you still haven’t answered her question. Please direct all your hurt at me. I feel no pain :^P

  2. Nipponkid commented on State of the Union over 7 years ago

    Wow. Well this comics forums are even more screwed up than when I left. So RobOregon is the first i see to lack all reason behind an argument. Even MarkT here has had some points I can sympathize with.

    You put shame to Oregons name.

    Now back to the comments.

    MarkT Im only going to be talking about your last comment since the first doesnt involve me.

    Once again, we are not PRO-abortion we are pro-choice.

    So now your talking about us being dependent on Washington? What about GWB? Weren’t you dependent on his decisions too? Isn’t that why we have a govenment and elect leaders for our states so they can make some decisions and plans for us?

    2nd: I dont reject god. Im just dont believe he is there but i know there is no way to prove that. 50/50 chance and i chose the other side. I think I’m a good person in total even without god in my life so why is satan running my destiny? Why do you assume all liberals are agnostic or atheists?

    Well I’ll try to be a regular. I know its’s not doing much good since i did this for a few months before i took a break but… Its etertaining all the same.

    Good to be back. ;^)

  3. Nipponkid commented on State of the Union almost 8 years ago

    The Agenda would have been just as big if it had been McCain but maybe switching out a few things. No one should attack him for this until about 1 year INTO presidency. Although, as soon as he sets foot into the office comics like this will increase 2 fold and in the comic world he wont have time to do anything before we have the “Boiling Point: Republican Style” Ill say it once and ill say it again..Lay off of him till he at least has time to do something.

  4. Nipponkid commented on Lio almost 8 years ago

    What? No one thinks of Calvin & Hobbes in this comic? First thing i saw. Haha Cylinder not box but hey! W/e gets you there.

  5. Nipponkid commented on Garfield Minus Garfield almost 8 years ago

    I just took my image off the internet then pasted it onto windows. Then when i went to “Browse” i just choose the windows file.

  6. Nipponkid commented on Garfield almost 8 years ago

    Garfield might get “Magic Santa Lice” hence the restraining order. (Cul de Sac)

  7. Nipponkid commented on Free Range almost 8 years ago

    This fashion started in prison where there was a fear that people might commit suicide with their belt so they werent allowed to have them.

    Interesting way for this “cool” fashion to start.

  8. Nipponkid commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria almost 8 years ago

    Gweedo/Roger: Technically yes AIDS came from monkeys but before humans were around millions of years ago. As each new species evolved it got its own AIDS virus. These different AIDS changed and evolved with the species and cant be spread among other species. Supposedly ours became a outbreak because it most likely came from village hidden to most normal society. Well someone went into the village and came out with it maybe 400-300(maybe farther back) years ago and it spread slowly then got faster(as weve been seeing). Recently no it didnt come from monkeys.

    Forgot the class i learned this in last year but its a summary of what we learned.

  9. Nipponkid commented on State of the Union almost 8 years ago

    Do you understand so little about or president-elect? If you cant understand what hes even saying how can you judge him?

  10. Nipponkid commented on State of the Union almost 8 years ago

    wuztwo: By change im pretty sure he was talking about the last 8 years. Not the ones previous. Where were you? Under a rock?