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  1. watmiwori commented on Wizard of Id about 7 hours ago

    You can “prove” ANYTHING with statistics [properly slanted] or a quotation from the Bible.

  2. watmiwori commented on Luann about 7 hours ago

    I should hope not!!!! Gunther on the (G)-spot.

  3. watmiwori commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 7 hours ago

    That’ld be Calvin: Commissioner For Life…which may not be much longer.

  4. watmiwori commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 20 hours ago

    Lucky for me, I haven’t. Would I be correct in thinking it’s even confusing than Old or New?

  5. watmiwori commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 20 hours ago

    No sweat — you can do it in base 8. However the
    h*** New Math manages that!

  6. watmiwori commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 20 hours ago

    > I < don’t know math, the PC does!

  7. watmiwori commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 20 hours ago

    One of two things negative numbers are good for [and on a less colossal scale, personal bank
    accounts] — the other, temperatures.

  8. watmiwori commented on Calvin and Hobbes 1 day ago

    I too was/am mathematically challenged by the four basic operations of so-called Simple Arithmetic. I can just about manage to balance a checkbook. To this day I don’t know
    how to solve the problem of cars starting at different times
    and speeds, nor of tanks filling at the top and emptying at
    the bottom. I didn’t care, and it was not taught in a way that
    engaged any interest. Nor was Plane Geometry. Algebra
    lost me completely; looking at equations made my head spin,
    and being told that one of the basic rules was that a negative
    multiplied or divided by a negative equalled positive struck
    me as complete insanity. As I understood it, algebra had
    been invented by some crazy wog, who had been out in the
    sun too long, and who had nothing better to do than invent
    intellectual games for which I had no interest or aptitude…
    If math CAN be made interesting, it certainly WASN’T. I
    know just where Calvin is coming from.

    This was many years ago. From what I hear of New Math,
    [via Tom Lehrer], I’m glad I missed it. Shudder to think how
    traumatic that would have been. Old Math is confusing

  9. watmiwori commented on Herman 1 day ago

    Good point! Many people think Not Guilty is the same as Innocent. Not at all! I can mean anything from innocent, to the evidence was insufficient, to we didn’t believe your evidence, to the jurors had their collective head where the sun never shines [I think this
    last was the case in OJ’s murder trial]. Scottish law has a verdict Not Proved, by which the jury say We think you did it, but we’re not sure beyond a reasonable doubt. The US might do well to adopt it.

  10. watmiwori commented on Herman 2 days ago

    Shades of “Are You Being Served?”!!