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  1. saddenedby GoComics Pro Member commented on Henry Payne about 22 hours ago

    an inane comment no matter how inane is still an inane comment. but trying to figure out which comments are inane is truly the toughest part of my day- NOT!
    i often wonder how full of ourselves we would be if people could ‘read our thoughts’ uncensored?
    me thinks not very

  2. saddenedby GoComics Pro Member commented on Peanuts about 22 hours ago

    can you imagine the great hockey games we would have (translated ‘fight’) if each game started out this way? and I also wonder how much the salaries would have to go up in order to induce hockey players to do face offs like this. :)

  3. saddenedby GoComics Pro Member commented on Reality Check 7 days ago


  4. saddenedby GoComics Pro Member commented on Pearls Before Swine 7 days ago

    i’m not so sure rat that we aren’t already doing what you suggest. after all more is ‘caught’ by kids in watching people than ‘taught’ to them by words.

  5. saddenedby GoComics Pro Member commented on Heathcliff 7 days ago

    i had a psyche teacher in college that told us of a couple that he and his wife had invited over for dinner. at around 1 o’clock in the morning, after giving several ‘hints’ about having to work in the morning and having to get up early and their showing no evidence of leaving, he excused himself went into the bedroom got into his pajamas and robe. he then went into the kitchen grabbed several boxes of cereal and went back into the living room where he proceeded to ask which cereal they would like for breakfast since they obviously where going to spend the night and he was going to bed.
    he said they finally got ‘the hint’ and left in a huff.
    i’m not sure i would have lasted that long :)

  6. saddenedby GoComics Pro Member commented on Betty 8 days ago

    must be a COLD theater – and no popcorn or drinks – that must be why live theater is dieing :)

  7. saddenedby GoComics Pro Member commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 8 days ago

    thanks – i was trying to figure out why nobody came to the aid of sumner. those were the ‘good ol’ days’ when things were settled peacefully ;-) and guns were brought to work.

  8. saddenedby GoComics Pro Member commented on Pearls Before Swine 8 days ago

    national headlines ‘RAT INVITES CROCS OVER FOR DINNER, PARROT MYSTERIOUSLY MISSING’ – would that be a “harmful external circumstance”?

  9. saddenedby GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez 9 days ago

    simple example
    presidential job for 2014 = 1000 things to do and/or accomplish/be responsible for
    2013-2014 = 250 things accomplished other things changed by executive order
    supporters = he did get 250 things accomplished – yeah!!
    and it’s everyone elses fault he didn’t get the other 750 done. he’s not as bad as “_____” (former president) it was “______”(former presidents) fault!
    detractors = ????
    sounded/read like some employee reviews i have done over the years – especially reading their self evaluations that showed they were clueless when it came to their job responsibilities
    or in basketball terms – i really didn’t foul that guy coach, the defender is cheating, the refs are against me, you aren’t a good coach, the popcorn is stale, the baskets are too high, the cheerleaders distracted me, you ran the wrong play, my teammates messed it up, why do we have an out of bounds line anyway, i would of made it if we didn’t have an out of bounds line. they keep hanging on my arms when i go to shoot. the scoreboard is wrong, i am really winning!!!
    or maybe golf is your game – wind was too strong. someone coughed on my back swing. the balls aren’t big enough. the club head is too small. the hole is too small. the greens are too small. the fairways are too long. i didn’t have the right club. the caddy handed me the wrong club. isn’t there usually a windmill on number 9? the rough is too tall. that water hazard is in the wrong place. it is too hot, cold, warm, wet. the rules officials aren’t fair to me. – ‘FORE’ – “i just declared that the highest score now wins in golf!”
    (what i heard) “ALL things considered aren’t i wonderful!!!! and you should be happy i am wonderful.”
    -yep, i am very happy

  10. saddenedby GoComics Pro Member commented on Betty 9 days ago

    must of not been in a public school – he would be arrested and led away in handcuffs – zero tolerance you know.