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  1. Sue commented on Jeff Danziger 2 months ago

    it’s Scot or Scottish! scotch is a drink! >:(

  2. Sue commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 months ago

    well, I sure would!

  3. Sue commented on Soup to Nutz 10 months ago

    Thank you! I was hoping someone would correct this. of course, the chickadee doesn’t fir in a joke, but go pick on another state!

  4. Sue commented on Momma over 1 year ago

    I hate to break the news to you, but it takes @ 3 months to get a passport!

  5. Sue commented on Win, Lose, Drew over 1 year ago

    the same could be said about the Hockey & Baseball seasons. :/

  6. Sue commented on Baldo over 1 year ago

    I like the way she thinks! :)

  7. Sue commented on Arlo and Janis over 1 year ago

    I’d say Roger Ebert…. the cliche is Janis’ “thumbs up” sign.

  8. Sue commented on Chip Bok over 1 year ago

    oh please…. how ridiculous!

  9. Sue commented on Jeff Stahler almost 2 years ago

    now to find 3 wise men!

  10. Sue commented on Bliss about 2 years ago

    Poland Springs IS a town in Maine……. and no matter how much of their bottled water you drink, you will NEVER know what it means to be from Maine!! you have to be BORN & RAISED here!! (Perkycat…. there is no desert! fool!)