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  1. ledo commented on Today's Dogg over 4 years ago

    you’r welcom, now make their sacrfice count

  2. ledo commented on Ziggy over 4 years ago

    how about his for a tip, keep your thumb out of the soup

  3. ledo commented on Grand Avenue over 4 years ago

    to hippogrif, I am certian that Hittler would agree with you compleatly. As a disabled vet what we need is for you to turn on your brain and stop following for every fool idea that comes a long. the the would be conqurers would apperate it if the rest of us just layed down and rolled over. Why is it that you talk to the defenders and not the agressors and assum that any one who puts on a uniform is a blood thirsty fool? when you were at school did you just give your lunch money to any one who asked?

  4. ledo commented on Grand Avenue over 4 years ago

    why did they fight? to live in a land where they they were the same rank as every one else, where no one was "better then any one, where they could make up their own minds about stuff like religion, where no one told them what kind of close they could wair, where to smoke, what kind of car to drive, or light bulb to use. Where they would be given the facts and be able to make up their own minds. I think the best way to remember them is not to throw it all away.

  5. ledo commented on Barkeater Lake over 4 years ago

    saw a guy sitting in a folding chair next to his wife’s grave. y’a just can’t stop lliving even when you want to

  6. ledo commented on Ziggy over 4 years ago

    iMud must be the same age as I. We wanted to do a better jub then the generations before and we did, better at messing things up.

  7. ledo commented on B.C. over 4 years ago

    thank you MR hart. I needed that. History chanal take note, the real seceret of Christanity.

  8. ledo commented on Jen Sorensen about 5 years ago

    that would make sence if the goverment made them rich in the first place. Like in Prussa in 1818 when Marx was born

  9. ledo commented on The Academia Waltz about 5 years ago

    how about cheesy

  10. ledo commented on Agnes about 5 years ago

    the price of them boots are from the 50’s