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  1. Jimmeh commented on FoxTrot Classics 12 days ago

    Drop him in the loo, or give him a Hershey Bar.

  2. Jimmeh commented on FoxTrot Classics 13 days ago

    Why are small dogs such stupid idiots?

  3. Jimmeh commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    You don’t see either toads or frogs as much as you used to. I like them both. I was told as a kid that if you touch a toad you’ll get warts. It never stopped me from at least stroking them a few times!

  4. Jimmeh commented on Luann 3 months ago

    Yeah, you’re right. People should be able to pick on others at will if they feel like it. We don’t want any stupid moral codes.

  5. Jimmeh commented on Get Fuzzy 4 months ago

    RIP Bob Ross.

  6. Jimmeh commented on FoxTrot Classics 4 months ago

    You’re exactly right. Except the interest that you would have earned wouldn’t even pay for a slice of bread.

  7. Jimmeh commented on Pickles 4 months ago

    Nelson inhierited his dad’s cow pie hair.

  8. Jimmeh commented on Pickles 5 months ago

    Even then, you can press ‘edit’ and change a misspelt word.

  9. Jimmeh commented on Pickles 5 months ago

    Nelson might consider going home. For a change. Maybe he could look for his dad, who hasn’t been seen in the strip for a few years.

  10. Jimmeh commented on Dilbert Classics 5 months ago

    He forgot ‘scenario’,, ‘stakeholder’ and ‘colaborate’.