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  1. FlyerTom commented on Shoe about 1 hour ago

    Parents’ attendance at games is neither required nor desired.

  2. FlyerTom commented on Get Fuzzy 2 days ago

    >>That article only applies to the USA.Democrats are not popular in N.Korea, Cuba, China

    I would disagree simply because those countries are definitely popular with Democrats.

  3. FlyerTom commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    Common Core would require TWO blackboards to solve that.

  4. FlyerTom commented on Pickles 6 days ago

    Maybe so, but they all become visible the second they stand in front of the TV.

  5. FlyerTom commented on Pickles 9 days ago

    I’m gonna hate myself later, but here goes:

    ♪♫ "It’s a small world after all…♫♪

  6. FlyerTom commented on Pluggers 16 days ago

    I’m not one to stash emergency cash in obvious places. Trouble is, I can’t remember where it is now.

  7. FlyerTom commented on Pluggers 16 days ago

    The “Girls’ Night Out” jar is the biggest. Hmmm.

  8. FlyerTom commented on Pickles 19 days ago

    Aren’t toilets self-cleaning? I mean, you press this lever, and WHOOSH! It’s all gone!

  9. FlyerTom commented on Herman 22 days ago

    Our old dishwasher used about 5 gallons of water, and took about 20 minutes to complete a “normal” wash cycle.

    Our new, energy-efficient model consumes 3 gallons, and takes an hour to do the same thing.

    God forbid you try the “Pots & Pans” cycle, ’cause that will take 3 hours.

  10. FlyerTom commented on Pluggers about 1 month ago

    >> I never will understand why some people find “press down and turn” so difficult to understand and do.

    First of all, to simulate the pain of arthritic joints, you must strike your thumbs and fingers repeatedly with a hammer.Then, do your ‘press down and turn" and discover the tabs and slots on the bottle do not line up properly. That cap’s not coming off.Screw tops are barely manageable, but flip tops are preferred.