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  1. FlyerTom commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    >> I never will understand why some people find “press down and turn” so difficult to understand and do.

    First of all, to simulate the pain of arthritic joints, you must strike your thumbs and fingers repeatedly with a hammer.Then, do your ‘press down and turn" and discover the tabs and slots on the bottle do not line up properly. That cap’s not coming off.Screw tops are barely manageable, but flip tops are preferred.

  2. FlyerTom commented on B.C. 10 days ago

    Maybe it’s a sassafras tree.

  3. FlyerTom commented on Pluggers 11 days ago

    “29 Miles to Richmond” by Willy Makeit.Illustrations by Betty Wont.

  4. FlyerTom commented on Pluggers 13 days ago

    Puttering down a one-lane country road is fine and dandy, but I take exception to the sodbusters who crawl on a state highway chuggin’ on down to the local Agway.

  5. FlyerTom commented on Broom Hilda 14 days ago

    ’56 Plymouth convertible.

  6. FlyerTom commented on Pluggers 15 days ago

    I have an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice on my GPS that mildly admonishes you:“Vot are you doink?”“Vy are you not following my instructions?”

  7. FlyerTom commented on Speed Bump 18 days ago

    Pre-teen Lessons Learned #2154: Smearing Colgate toothpaste with Gardol on house windows does not make them impervious to baseballs.

  8. FlyerTom commented on Calvin and Hobbes 26 days ago

    Ha! Bill Cosby, the Wonderfulness album. Still got it. Can’t play it. :(

  9. FlyerTom commented on Wizard of Id 27 days ago

    I dread the times I must relight the pilot on my water heater.
    1. Lie face-down on the floor.
    2. Remove cover over burner.
    3. With one hand, press and hold pilot button on gas valve.
    4. With other hand, light pilot flame located way in the back of the heater, using a L-O-N-G match.
    5. If successful, lie in position for at least 1 minute before releasing button in Step 3.
    6. If pilot fails to light, wait 5 minutes and try again.
    This 6th step totally depends on your patience, and your willingness to sacrifice your eyebrows.

  10. FlyerTom commented on Pickles 29 days ago

    You’re supposed to take them out of the shells.:)