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  1. sfburke commented on Dogs of C-Kennel over 1 year ago

    How about “LIE down?”

  2. sfburke commented on Cleats over 1 year ago

    Like the kitten looking in the mirror and seeing a lion.

  3. sfburke commented on Baldo almost 2 years ago

    “Because I said so” are the 4 most important words your kid is ever going to hear.

  4. sfburke commented on Overboard almost 2 years ago

    Mice carry hantavirus.

  5. sfburke commented on Dogs of C-Kennel about 2 years ago

    Totally agree with whichever dog that is. Christmas decorations went up a week ago in my local supermarket!

  6. sfburke commented on Daddy's Home about 2 years ago

    You waste about 5,000 gallons of water a year by pre-rinsing dishes that don’t need it with today’s dishwashers. I put mine in straight from the table and they’re always sparkling clean and sanitized.

  7. sfburke commented on Cleats over 2 years ago

    This kid’s a mean little brat.

  8. sfburke commented on The Buckets over 2 years ago

    You really don’t want to be tried by 12 people too stupid to get out of jury duty.

  9. sfburke commented on Luann over 2 years ago

    That’s the first time I’ve seen Shannon with a smile on her face. Dogs’ll do that…

  10. sfburke commented on One Big Happy almost 3 years ago

    If Cylene’s family is all that rich, she should be in private school!