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  1. jackson49 commented on Pat Oliphant 23 days ago

    The President COULD demand drug testing of members of Congress over their in-actions..and claim “It’s for insurance”.

  2. jackson49 commented on Pat Oliphant 23 days ago

    very short coat tails, indeed!

  3. jackson49 commented on Tom Toles 23 days ago

    ARodney is correct, there are 1000’s of round heeled fed judges who will give them warrants..then go on 6 months paid vacations.
    On the international news: France has thrown out Verizon for snooping on its citizens…

  4. jackson49 commented on Ted Rall 23 days ago

    you left out the kidnapping of her baby from pot drug testing…see Indiana, Mississippi, Texas etc…

  5. jackson49 commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    remember when our nation had 7 years of surpluses of grains, food stuffs , like ALL other civilizations since the time of the Pharaohs??
    His Lordship, reagan gave it ALL away called it “gov cheese”. Now go buy a loaf of bread for $5.00 and praise the “markets”. Yr on yr knees for monsatno now.
    Our nation has moved from FOOD for Peace to war on food.

  6. jackson49 commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago


    you know the truth, the DIA did that to it’s own returning men and women in Oakland, CA, it was NOT any “anti war protesters”, you paid for it. Your army dressed up and spat and attacked its OWN for the TV cameras.
    See the U.S. Senate Church committee investigations 1976….YOU fell for it and repeat their lies.

    Fear not yr royal oil fields of bp and royal shell are NOT under attack, the reason our troops were sent, for the queens bp….you can rest easy with the queen, and think twice about attacking our own citizens, for her royal profits.

  7. jackson49 commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Its important to cover up the 50 year oil leases in Iraq(not under ANY strife here, “Exports are FINE!”) given to royal bp, royal dutch shell, as well as the U.S. 4500 dead and the costs, all for royal oil-“democracy”.
    The U.S. gets the costs and Cheney clips & kerrys constant warmongering.
    interesting twist, Liz can’t be criticized as she keeps her attackers silenced in her proud self professed homosexuality. SHE is “gay” not a hateful warmonger, eh?
    SHE would never kill yr children-right?

    Hence the cfr and its royal toadies, topic creations.
    Will bush2 be knighted like his daddy and lord reagan, lorde kissenger, sit colin powell, sir rumsfeld ? Cheney is ready to get on his american knees before the queen as well, wants to be “knighted” as well.
    KEEP this all covered up from the American people, as the rest of the world sees it clearly-destroy Republics, steal the oil and call it “democracy”.

    Meanwhile the world turns away from the U$D, and its ‘costs’, and the U.S. continues into the deep pit of continued depressions.
    The rest of the world sees this clearly, they are leaving…take yet another 20% off the standard of living.

    Had enough? guess not. Today’s vets will continue to send their children and grandchildren into harms way for the Queens oil, while shes sits in jewels demanding “cuts cuts’.
    Jump to her orders fox, npr, abc, royal medias….more continuous wars for their oil companies, replay yr ’Conservative” warmongering as “opinions”…let Hillary slide for HER warmongering as well in Libya,(their nations oil handed over to TOTAL bp, royal dutch shell) and Kerrys constant bellowing for more war.

  8. jackson49 commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    “baby boomers wont shut up” haha..then read the comments….now I’ll shut up…

  9. jackson49 commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    right just constant media inspired “buzz”
    yawn…I’d say Karl Rove has been carrying her balls for the past 8 years, hes always talking abt her-but he too a Tory tool.
    Much like hills rapid war-mongering feminists,they both over shown- covering up her invasion and attacks on Libya, stealing their nations oil, and handing it for free to ROYAL dutch Shell and ROYAL bp and French TOTAL. The first us feminist warmonger, reaching for Lord Kissinger posts in cfr/
    NOW all supporters of Hillary, get three jobs to pay for it, you go!

  10. jackson49 commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    AS theonion recently reported: GOD wonders what happens to humans after death.