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  1. muskox54 commented on Unstrange Phenomena over 3 years ago

    I thought I missed the Great White Shark panel.
    Smilling with that leg hanging out of his mouth

  2. muskox54 commented on Domestic Abuse over 3 years ago

    additionally proud there were no verbs

  3. muskox54 commented on Buni over 3 years ago

    Did Lamort bring his cat there alive and have it put to death or ?

  4. muskox54 commented on Banana Triangle over 3 years ago

    If I think its funny and don’t understand French then it must be a side spliter.

  5. muskox54 commented on Geech over 3 years ago

    I even took off my glasses and closoed one eye and couldn’t read this one

  6. muskox54 commented on Geech over 3 years ago

    Damn I must need another glass of wine and I could have sworne I had more than enough last night.

  7. muskox54 commented on Banana Triangle almost 4 years ago

    Good catch on the shirt ,this is a twisted dream or something because nothing adds up .
    We all know that Rosemary would kill him and eat him before her stomach could even growl.

  8. muskox54 commented on Imagine This almost 4 years ago

    This strip is about as stale as the air that He left on the 10th of December

  9. muskox54 commented on Get a Life almost 4 years ago


  10. muskox54 commented on Frog Applause almost 4 years ago