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  1. patiodragon commented on Speed Bump 10 days ago

    “This is not just wrong, in the sense that sundials don’t measure the time at other places (which was the intended joke), it’s also wrong in that the positions of the shadows make no sense (which shows the cartoonist was just too lazy to read up on them). " No, it’s funny because it couldn’t work. You are too smart in thinking you know the “intended joke”.

  2. patiodragon commented on WuMo about 1 month ago

    In truth, the Great Pyramid never had a mummy in it or writing on the wall. It is most likely a great machine that we don’t understand yet. The Egyptians wrote about EVERYTHING and they never said they built it. Research the water aging in the surrounding area to get an idea of the true age.

  3. patiodragon commented on Loose Parts 2 months ago

    Topping the list tonight, madame, is Brain Salad Surgery!

  4. patiodragon commented on WuMo 2 months ago

    Because he’s “stewing”?

  5. patiodragon commented on Lalo Alcaraz 3 months ago

    Type this into search engine “the clinton’s war on women”. Read the first-hand accounts. Also of interest “clinton death trail”. Wow! That’s a heck of a lot of “coincidences”.

  6. patiodragon commented on Rubes 4 months ago

    Alien1: “Hey, this planet has developed nuclear weapons technology…”
    Alien2: “Maybe we should contact them.”
    Alien1: “They are pointing them at each other.”

  7. patiodragon commented on The Flying McCoys 4 months ago

    Somehow this worked when it was called The Blob!

  8. patiodragon commented on Bottomliners 4 months ago

    Cerainly not CIO.

  9. patiodragon commented on WuMo 4 months ago

    Aw man, that’s the pits.

  10. patiodragon commented on Paul Szep 5 months ago

    ALWAYS plenty of money for war!