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  1. patiodragon commented on Brian McFadden about 7 hours ago

    Kudos to anyone who can read this comic. I always have to skip it because the type is too small.

  2. patiodragon commented on WuMo about 7 hours ago

    Sometimes you’re the windshield /
    Sometimes you’re the bug /
    Sometimes it all comes together baby /
    Sometimes you’re just a fool in love

  3. patiodragon commented on WuMo 14 days ago

    HTH. http://theweek.com/articles/474359/5-signs-that-apple-cult

  4. patiodragon commented on Joe Heller 20 days ago

    If you draw a box around the country and call that “Economy”, then repairs to broken windows, cars, or homes, only help to move money around within the economy. It is neither bad or good for the economy as a whole.

  5. patiodragon commented on The Flying McCoys 23 days ago

    Gravity does not exist. The earth sucks.

  6. patiodragon commented on Shoe 24 days ago

    The opposition offered little resistance. They were seen to be quite chicken.

  7. patiodragon commented on Brevity 26 days ago

    Awww, those guys are the salt of the earth….

  8. patiodragon commented on Barney & Clyde about 1 month ago

    We haven’t had capitalism in this country in over 100 years. We have “money” that is controlled in price and quantity by central planners, just like the soviet union did. (BTW, check out the quantity!)

  9. patiodragon commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    They got bods! How could it take so long before somebody actually checked?

  10. patiodragon commented on WuMo about 1 month ago

    JFK’s boat. http://www.jfklibrary.org/JFK/JFK-in-History/John-F-Kennedy-and-PT109.aspx