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  1. patiodragon commented on Farcus 1 day ago

    The market has done a complete 180. Now you buy the blender and get a free fill-up.

  2. patiodragon commented on Reality Check 27 days ago

    Go ahead, air out your grievances.

  3. patiodragon commented on Brevity 2 months ago

    The contractions are getting closer together… 12/18/15.

  4. patiodragon commented on Wide Open 2 months ago

    Hey, that come-over is not helping… you lost a third of yours and you know it!

  5. patiodragon commented on Dana Summers 2 months ago

    The most humorous part of this page for me is that people come to the comics page and debate politics. “Your insights into the funnies have changed my way of thinking and my vote… said nobody EVER”.

  6. patiodragon commented on Break of Day 3 months ago

    Would like fryskapers with that?

  7. patiodragon commented on The Flying McCoys 5 months ago

    But… but… this time is different!

  8. patiodragon commented on Rubes 6 months ago

    Oh. German, meaning harm-joy.

  9. patiodragon commented on Loose Parts 6 months ago

    I saw “R5” and first read “IRS”. Not too far off,really.

  10. patiodragon commented on Scott Stantis 6 months ago

    “the US economy is NOT on crutches; it’s one of the best in the WORLD” http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user3303/imageroot/2015/03/20150307_dollar1.jpg Give it time. The whole world is in more debt than can ever be repaid. Stay tuned for the reset….