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  1. patiodragon commented on Zack Hill about 17 hours ago

    Might not be the gluten after all…. http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/real-reason-for-toxic-wheat-its-not-gluten/

  2. patiodragon commented on Strange Brew 23 days ago

    “Let’s call the whole thing ooooffffff……”

  3. patiodragon commented on Clay Bennett 27 days ago

    Those that do no learn from history… Afganistan: Where empires go to die.

  4. patiodragon commented on Jack Ohman about 1 month ago

    It’s DEBT. Over 18 TRILLION dollars already spent and a 100 TRILLIONI in unfunded liabilities. The harder they come, the harder they fall. One and all.

  5. patiodragon commented on Jim Morin about 1 month ago

    Recovery is fake. Was fake under Democrats and Republicans both. We do next to nothing except borrow and spend. If I racked up 9 TRILLION on my credit card, I’d look pretty wealthy, too. Don’t worry or stress, but be safe and prepared people.

  6. patiodragon commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    Missing in cartoon: Black female Police sergeant Kizzy Adoni supervized the fatal arrest of Eric Garner. Police state is a problem for EVERYBODY. http://madworldnews.com/detail-emerges-garner-chokehold/

  7. patiodragon commented on The City 2 months ago

    If I was on pot, I’d probably giggle…. but still not get it.

  8. patiodragon commented on Strange Brew 2 months ago

    —and splicing foreign DNA into it so that they can patent it and own the food supply!

  9. patiodragon commented on Scott Stantis 3 months ago

    Counting jobs created can be a real magical thing. Temporary jobs are included. If someone loses a fulltime job and gets 2 part-time jobs, we have more jobs! Here is the governments own admission that the amount of eligible people working is at a 30 year low. (BTW, I don’t support Reps either). http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS11300000

  10. patiodragon commented on Brevity 4 months ago

    I think the name is good enough for a smirk. Mr. “Low Blow” at your service…