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  1. activist1234 commented on Luann about 18 hours ago

    HAIR TIES (cont.). Months ago when Toni fixed a motor (TJ’s van?), she magically put a scrunchy around her long tresses so she could work. A number of people said their gfs keep scrunchies around their wrists so they have them in time of need.
    Warning: This Yahoo article (Yahoo articles are known to be 75% incorrect) warns that that might lead to a diabolical disease. Spread the word. http://theweek.com/speedreads/591349/after-womans-brush-death-doctor-warns-about-danger-glittery-hair-ties

  2. activist1234 commented on Luann about 23 hours ago

    “I don’t see any love here. Toleration, though is high.”
    NG – Right, they’re getting used to each other and are comfortable around each other. They are helping each other grow. Sounds like love (adult style) to me.

  3. activist1234 commented on Luann about 23 hours ago

    Oooo. Tiff is growing! First she learns how to do some math, then she learns to be sensitive to G’s needs. How exciting!

  4. activist1234 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    As of today, Shannon is still funner than Pru. Hope that changes this week.

  5. activist1234 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Exactly Right! Add on the toilets that are to automatically flush but don’t, and you have to leave a mess behind. Ugh. That’s one thing I do have to give WalMart credit for— their “hands free” toilets have an emergency button we can push manually.

  6. activist1234 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    “So has anyone read this alleged script yet?”
    PS – nope, my point above. But then another commenter quoted Quill as saying it’s the same production he currently was in— one that took weeks of preparation & rehearsal by theater majors. No one’s been cast, no lines learned (though Qu could reprise his), no staging, no advertising.
    As I said, 2 weeks to Hannukah, 3 1/2 weeks to Christmas. And it’s to be a holiday opening.

  7. activist1234 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    Quill falls for Pru.
    It won’t be reciprocated, but she’ll still gush. Part of being a “comer”.

  8. activist1234 commented on Luann 4 days ago

    " I don’t see a comment from a poster called ‘Old Sarge’ on this board"
    A3- It was a great reveal— something like, “Did you know this is a comic strip and not real life?” Took our breaths away! (sending us all to ER)

  9. activist1234 commented on Luann 4 days ago

    I’m just looking forward to seeing what the play Pru has written and will direct will be. Will it have her and Qu as romantic leads? Lu and Qu as romantic leads? A tail of chipmunks, with Lu as Alvin? Gosh, it’s been at least 3 hours since she got in town— and they haven’t seen the script, much less cast the actors or rehearsed.
    Seems like Pru is going to need Lu to make this happen before Hannukah (2 weeks) or Christmas (3 1/2 weeks).

  10. activist1234 commented on Luann 6 days ago

    Got to thinking about Bern’s assumption yesterday that Pru was here to “take Luann’s guy”. We should have found that offensive— Quill is an adult male, not a possession. He doesn’t belong to Luann. If he wants to have a relationship with Pru, that’s his business. But if Lu wants to be the only one, she needs to work to make it worth his while.
    But people are NOT property. Quill can date anyone he wants.