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  1. activist1234 commented on Luann about 11 hours ago

    “Is the box labeled “me” a case of tiff pictures?”
    Clark Kent – EVERY box Tiff uses is marked “Me”.

  2. activist1234 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    The dorm donated by AT&T is called “Call Hall”

    The bldg sponsored by the WWF is “Brawl Hall” (or maybe just “the men’s dorm”)

  3. activist1234 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    BTW -
    As I remember, the small cups are called Demi Tasses and are required for sipping fine, super-strong coffee.
    I imagine Mordy & I both drink even strong coffee from quart jars.

  4. activist1234 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    “Providing for your kid is what parents should do. Anyone who thinks otherwise is creepy”
    Caldonia – Depends on your definition of “kid”. Back when I was young, we fought to have full rights at age 18— to vote, drink, etc. So when we were 18, we FLEW!
    Now, whether due to longer lifespans or to a bad economy, perhaps parents DO have to keep providing for their kids until the kids reach middle-age. Any one else?

  5. activist1234 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    “I think we are going to see a lot more of the Bernice/Tiffany pairing”
    Levi – I’m anxious to see this. Not just to help Bern loosen up (as you guys all seem to want), but also to give Tiff some depth and help her learn to dig into her books. Who knows, but with effort Tiff may find she’s a “genius” at set design, or trig, or organic chemistry. Like her long-time rival.

  6. activist1234 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    And so they WILL throw a joint party (just not tonight, please).
    Bern will bring the people (Piro has already expressed interest.)
    Tiff will decorate & bring the goodies (which Dez’s friends will think are crazy & cool).
    Yeah, as I humbly predicted, Bern will sleep on Tiff’s couch and they’ll become a pair— an ODD couple, as many have said!

  7. activist1234 commented on Luann 4 days ago

    Cool! In panel 3, see Bern Piro-ette!

  8. activist1234 commented on Luann 6 days ago

    “I doubt Evans wants to deal with the adult themes of them.”
    RB – you’re right, but only if you limit adult parties to parties based on sex. I’ve been to a lot of “real” parties that did not directly involve either sex, drugs, or videotapes. Call me mild, but a heated discussion of political events, interlaced with humor and rum & coke is another idea of an adult party.

  9. activist1234 commented on Luann 6 days ago

    “I would say Tiffany’s idea of a party is so high school, but it’s really more like a party for little kids.”
    HtD – sounds to me more like an office party or a work meet & greet. Come to think of it, they’re both a lot like little-kid parties!

  10. activist1234 commented on Luann 7 days ago

    “This chick’s got problems. Isn’t there a sorority she can join?”
    Lauren – yeah, I was thinking she should be rushing too, with her money & values. But I was afraid to say it lest we insult our Greek commenters!