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  1. activist1234 commented on Luann about 1 hour ago

    “Bernice doesn’t help her cheat, which is good…but insults her for the third day in a row.”
    RB – They both know that Bern is a brain, not at artist. So I think Lu’s invitation to draw was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Bern answered in kind.

  2. activist1234 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    “I’m not a former art student, but I agree with you that this kind of assignment would be worthwhile”
    AB- First yaer our creative writing teacher always gave the same assignment: “Write the most interesting chapter of your autobiography”.
    Raised in a culture of self-effacement, I found that nearly impossible— just as I would have fouond this art assignment difficult even if I could draw!
    Make 17 portraits of the President, a cat, or a stone—ok.

  3. activist1234 commented on Candorville 1 day ago

    No, no, no. In a past life you were the son of a king. In fact, you still are! Now start acting like one, big guy.

  4. activist1234 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Symmetry may be a key to beauty; but asymmetry (frame 4) is memorable.

  5. activist1234 commented on Candorville 2 days ago

    “You don’t have to see, hear OR feel anything to know God exists. That’s where Faith enters in”
    PianoGuy – I can’t see bacteria, but I believe they make me sick. I can’t hear gravity, but I believe it keeps me on the ground. You are so right— even atheists depend on faith. We believers just don’t have to do an intellctual work-around.

  6. activist1234 commented on Luann Bonus Material 3 days ago

    Two hippos— male & female. But the male has been “fixed” so there will be no litters.

  7. activist1234 commented on Luann Bonus Material 3 days ago

    Monday at 1pm.
    What a boring, predictable life we’re planning for Luann. C’mon, guys, let’s throw some imagination into her fantasy life! For example, for pets we could write “Hippos”. For house, we could put “Cave in the Outback”. Travel: “First redhead on Mars.”

  8. activist1234 commented on Candorville 3 days ago

    website, facebook, twitter."
    TG – no comprendo. In fact, wasn’t it:
    website, myspace, facebook, twitter, instagram?

  9. activist1234 commented on Luann Bonus Material 3 days ago

    Oh, boy! A fight! What a way to reward Team Evans for this bonus material. (And I agree, Seismic’s mother started it.)

  10. activist1234 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    As far as today’s story goes, it sounds like Tiff will soon be getting a roomie.