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  1. comicsssfan commented on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 1 day ago

    She’s a great motivational speaker.

  2. comicsssfan commented on Momma 1 day ago

    He only wants the cash.

  3. comicsssfan commented on One Big Happy 1 day ago

    My mother talked of the fancy silverware made of real silver and fancy china in her youth. She never got over it.

  4. comicsssfan commented on On A Claire Day 1 day ago

    You gotta look on the bright side.

  5. comicsssfan commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    Chances are, he will soon find the toaster has been so well-tested it may not work anymore. But he could get lucky.

  6. comicsssfan commented on Working Daze 1 day ago

    In Michigan it will get that cold and if the wind is blowing it will sting your face.

  7. comicsssfan commented on Stone Soup 1 day ago

    If you are a true ladywatcher then I have to say, " When the weather’s fine
    You got women, you got women on your mind."

  8. comicsssfan commented on Stone Soup 1 day ago

    The only literature I can relate to is Harlem renaissance literature from the 1930s. The hunger, the odd jobs, the uncertainty are all familiar to me.

  9. comicsssfan commented on Stone Soup 1 day ago

    And may Val and Phil forever enjoy long uncomplicated, wild and uninhibited intimate relations together!
    That’s a good toast.

  10. comicsssfan commented on For Better or For Worse 1 day ago

    Those old watchmakers were very smart, especially one with a jewelry store. They could appraise a situation or a person in a millisecond. They were street smart.