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  1. Zipi commented on Steve Benson 1 day ago

    Santa use to give put coal in the stockings of thugs. I guess that was the White Santa.

  2. Zipi commented on Steve Benson 9 days ago

    Looks like Steve has been in hibernation for the last six years.

  3. Zipi commented on Steve Breen 13 days ago

    I recommend that blacks stop calling the police whenever they are being attacked or robbed. That should help.

  4. Zipi commented on Michael Ramirez 14 days ago

    According to you liberal/gimmies, George Bush is to blame for everything.

  5. Zipi commented on Rob Rogers 14 days ago

    So just what body camera does Oprah wear? How about all the black athletes that make millions every year. And what about the poor white guy that has fewer rights than ANY black man in America. You don’t have to be a white male to be rich, you have to work hard.

  6. Zipi commented on Steve Benson 15 days ago

    Appears that Mr Benson is a bit of a racist.

  7. Zipi commented on Gary Varvel 23 days ago

    You want to give MORE money to “green energy”? Hasn’t the billions wasted on it enough? Keep research money going (that hasn’t stopped) but we need to stop Obama’s payments to his big donors right now.

  8. Zipi commented on Jim Morin 29 days ago

    Don’t bother Reppr, facts scare the daylights out of liberals/progressives/gimmies. They are kind of like another form of life that scurries away when the lights come on.

  9. Zipi commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    Yes, you have it straight. Those that supported the ACA are either stupid or completely blind. (either way a typical Democrat voter).

  10. Zipi commented on Matt Davies about 1 month ago

    That’s the line of people trying very hard to get out of the exchanges.